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I can't believe, that it took me 34 years to appreciate what my mom did for us. All the sacrifices, which I didn't acknowledge. Instead, I've been an asshole in my entire life. Only recently, I thought of it, and seeing that she's not getting any younger, m...

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Lovin' it
Been thru a couple of things these days. 1 - New job. Thou the pay is sucky and being the headcount of some dodgy company worries me, but it's a fresh new start. Thou I am still doing research for malware analysis. 2 - Screwing my life, resetting my new soc...

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Haven't been back for a decade... Yet many things I've missed are gone, and some still stayed on. 

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Doing what I wanna do!
Now, just before quitting my job, I did a couple of things. #1 Meeting new people, especially females. Ever since she said it's the end of our relationship since I'm looking for a stable one, I've decided, meet up with people for movies and dinner. As usual...

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Never a good boyfriend, high expectations of everyone. Hard to please.
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