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Upaya pencarian pesawat AirAsia QZ8501 terus dilakukan. Hingga pukul 10.35 WIB, belum ada tanda-tanda temuan pesawat tersebut. detikcom akan melaporkan secara update dari waktu ke waktu mengenai
proses pencarian pesawat berpenumpang 155 orang tersebut. And...

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Smartfren POPSHOP, Toko Online dengan Gratis Pengiriman ke Seluruh Indonesia
Smartfren POPSHOP, itulah satu toko online baru yang ramaikan jagat e-commerce Tanah Air. Dilepas oleh Smartfren, POPSHOP menyediakan sejumlah produk gadget keren dengan “rayuan” maut gratis pengiriman atau “ongkir” (ongkos kirim) ke seluruh Indonesia. Berm...

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BlackBerry Rio Beredar, Mirip BB Z10 & BB Z30
BlackBerry Rio kabarnya adalah smartphone full touchscreen baru yang saat ini sedang digarap oleh BlackBerry. Belum lama ini spesifikasi dari smartphone BlackBerry Rio telah beredar dan tak jauh berbeda dengan BB Z10 maupun BB Z30.
BlackBerry Rio diharapka...

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Put Action on Paper: Start your Poker Journal Today
it’s possible to take real world applications and apply them to poker,
and other times, it’s poker that can be translated into the real world. Startup businesses are encouraged to formulate a business plan, to
put their ideas on paper in orde...

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Picking Apart The Hand
I talk often in my videos about playing a young person’s game being
old. To give you some perspective, I am not that old, I started playing
poker when I was 33 in 2005 and now I am just about to hit 40.
Traditionally, most low stakes players are going to...

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What players want
Once in awhile, a card room manager asks me what players want. I
usually try not to let the shock show on my face and try to give them a
straight answer. With Bluff sitting in card rooms all over the
country, I have an opportunity to answer the question ...

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Let’s start with the basics
I believe poker is the most complicated game that humans play. With
the exception of heads up fixed-limit hold’em, poker is the only game
where computers cannot compete with us. The more I learn about poker,
the more I realize how little I know, and I am...

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Loosening the tight
Most of the expert players you see play poker when you turn on the TV
or open up the high stakes tables appear to play a loose style. Many
novice and intermediate players consequently believe playing a loose
aggressive style is optimal, and they overvalu...

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Be Flexible In Your Poker Planning
When we’re involved in a hand, there is a measure of both planned
moves as well as moves we decide to make on the spot. To some degree,
these two ways of going about things are zero-sum, as the more planned
moves we initiate, the less spur of the moment ...
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