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Start your path to a healthier life today!
Start your path to a healthier life today!

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Hey Facebook, we have a opening for a 30 minute session tonight at 6:45 pm. It's yours for just $10. First to claim it gets it! This is open everyone. Call or text 4804630364 to claim it. Cut off is 6:30pm!

We have a 30 minute session opening at 5:45pm today. $10 to the first person to claim it! Call or text 4804630364. Cut off to claim it is 5pm.

Attention members and clients! Due to a known issue with the printed logo on our 2 recent shirt orders we are allowing everyone to exchange the shirts they received for a brand new shirt that doesn't have the problem. Please speak to your Personal Trainer about any questions or to make the exchange of your shirts. Thank you.

We sent our Newsletter out last week. If you didn't receive it, please check your spam filter or confirm that we have the correct email address by emailing us at Thank you!

We have 2 30 minute sessions available tonight at 5:15 pm and 5:45 pm. $10 for each 30 min session or $15 for the whole hour! First come first serve, call 4804630364 to claim your spot! #startyourpath

Hey Facebookers! We are going to launch our new newsletter soon. Before we do wanted to give all of you the option to join the newsletter by emailing us at just put "add me to the newsletter" in the subject. Also you can either write here or in your email what you would like to see in the newsletter!

Hey Facebookers! We're coming up on another holiday weekend again for the the 4th of July. Be sure you check your holiday schedule with your training appointments and let us know about any needed reschedules!

We're looking at doing another shirt order. If you would like another shirt please let your trainer know as soon as possible!

Hello Facebook fans! We have a 45 minutes session available tonight at 530pm for just $10 available for anyone, current clients, old clients, or never been in yet! Appointment goes to the first person to claim it! #startyourpath

We have an open appointment tonight at 530pm for a 1 hour session. Just $10 to the first person to claim it!
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