Peter Schiff commented on a video on YouTube.
Once again you are mistaken. You played part of an interview from 2002 when I was still bearish on the U.S. markets.  However you fail to point out that I had been bearish on the markets for quite some time prior to that interview.   I first began forecasting that the Nasdaq would fall to 500 when it was above 5,000.   You also leave out that stocks fell quite a bit further in the months following that interview.   But most importantly you omit that within a year of that interview, as a result of the Fed's reckless rate cuts, I became very bullish on stocks in nominal terms.   So I reversed my call for Nasdaq 500 and Dow 4,000, but I remained bearish on stocks priced in gold.  In gold terns, the Dow is still much lower today than it was in 2002.  Sure you can always find selective clips where I was bearish on stocks at a particular point in time, but there are many more clips where I was bullish.   It is also not true that I am only bullish on stocks near market peaks and bearish near the lows.  There is plenty of video evidence as well as the actual investments I have made for myself and my clients that contradict your claim.   Your video is so highly biased that it boarders on liable.  I think you own me a legitimate apology rather than sarcasm.
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