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Hearts Around My Head Hat
My favorite holiday approaches!!!! Yeah i know it used to be halloween, but being mad about a guy who builds you an awesome blanket fort every year for valentines day AND also shows you how much he loves you all year long with no poking and prodding can rea...

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Book Review November & December 2016
Well this are the last books I read for last years challenge and possibly the only book reviews I'll do this year since my main reading challenge is to re-read books that I have read before and loved. No point in reviewing those... uh... the review is I lov...

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New Years Resolutions 2017
I don't usually make REAL resolutions but I make really fluid to do lists. see here . Usually full of absurd things that are just silly. I did pretty well the last few year though on some simple life changes and I thought I'd go ahead and continue the trend...

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Book Review September & October 2016
Yep two months of book reviews for the price of one! LOL. I really just got behind on blog posts becuase of moving and work and stuff but I'm back and SUPER proud to report that I have now read 15 books this year!!!     Nos4a2 by Joe Hill- ★★★★ Here is the ...

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Princess Sophia Dress Diary- (part 3) Skirt
Previous installments of this dress diary can be found below: Part ONE- Bodice and Grommets   Part TWO- Sleeves           This skirt was relativity simple. I made a ginormous tube and pleated it onto the bodice. Well that's the gist. I like to get the whole...

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Princess Sophia Dress Diary- (Part 2) Sleeves
You can find part one of this series here- Bodice and Grommets Onto the sleeves. I am going to reference some photos from this article .
It talks about what I did but in reverse. They are making a two piece
sleeve pattern from a one piece. I made a one pi...

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Book Review August 2016
I'm posting a bit more punctually than my norm because we are moving so I wanna be sure I get it done. Go me! Not procrastinating!! and  GO ME my Year tally is at 11 books out of 12 read for the year! Carrie by Stephen King- ★★★1/2 You can find the official...

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Depression & Pills Update- 1.5 years later
Some days I feel like I take a bazillion pills cause I'm nuts and I should be stronger...or better at being a human... or more with the willpower...or something. And I think I see posts and things from some of my internet idols about how they WERE depressed...

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Book Review July 2016
Year tally at 10 books out of 12 read for the year! So here's what I read in July: Blue Asylum by Kathy Hepinstall- ★★★★★ You can find the official synopsis here on Goodreads (please friend me there if you like. I'm Archerpren) This book caught me off guard...

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Train Tracks Infinity Scarf
SOOOOOO, you may or may not remember that I set some goals for this year . The scariest one by far was to post some patterns for sale. 3 to be specific. I have had my free patterns downloaded from my website/Ravelry thousands of times. There are hundreds of...
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