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Cotswolds-based artist
Cotswolds-based artist

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Iron age update
The Iron age Round house is making good progress despite some recent wet weather. It has been fascinating watching the posts going in and the walls taking shape. How did the original Iron age people manage to build such a tall roof without the aid of modern...

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Down in the meadow something stirs...
Across the fields in the meadowland criss-crossed by public footpaths in a site of special scientific interest (SSSI) lies a scheduled ancient monument dating back to the Neolithic age. Recently some undergrowth has been cleared away and the ground prepared...

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All set for Summer!
So now it is officially British Summer Time (other countries presumably have to wait a while before Spring is over ) I am all kitted out with paper, sketchbooks and fresh tubes of pigment and ready to hit if not the streets, then the gardens and quiet corne...

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Storm Doris
Storm Doris passed this way today. Wet, as one might expect, and very blustery. Not exactly ideal weather for an easel. Hard enough for someone on two legs to remain upright despite a full shoulder bag which normally keeps one anchored. I have been here man...

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Limited Colour
Winter is a good time to practice producing an image using a limited number of colours - in this case, three - French Ultramarine, Indian Red and Yellow Ochre, basically one red, one yellow and one blue, although they are all fairly subdued, as they should ...

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January Plein Air
The temperature gauge in my car read 0 degrees but I was unprepared for the intense cold which makes ears, nose and hands ache. Ears and nose can to a certain extent be protected, but it is a difficult thing to draw and paint while wearing gloves - even mit...

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Happy New Year
                                                                Little Brown Tea pot At this time of the year it is traditional to take stock of the year just gone and make plans for the year ahead, catch up on all those things which have been pushed to one...

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Festive Greetings
The mince pies are made The presents are wrapped The family start to arrive tonight. Wherever you are, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a year full of hope and new beginnings. Enjoy the Festive break

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Seasonal favourites
There are certain subjects which I look forward to re-visiting each year in order to paint.. Daffodils in Spring for example, straw bales in Summer. Autumn brings harvest time, pumpkins and stunning colour in the foliage. Winter trees are another favourite ...

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Painting on Location
Painting or sketching on location,  en plein air , can be one of life's greatest pleasures and it is always so rewarding to achieve something on site which is uniquely your own. Yet the very idea seems to instill panic in many people who are put off the ide...
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