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Edmonton Journal article - US to build US/Canada Border Wall

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"Sorry whore, can we still be friends?"

When someone says they had 'a momentary lapse of reason', is reason the norm and thus, the lapse was irrational or, that irrationality is the norm, and one had an epiphany of sorts where the tumblers finally clicked and the doors of wisdom finally opened?

Ode to Monday

Oh Monday, your forsaken birth. How I dread your bloodlust for productivity.
The dawn has broken earlier than normal, cleaving another hour from my shriveling soul. Yet I submit, with little protest. I have become a creature, a slave to the perpetual wheel. The drum beats in the distance. I sharpen my bayonet, embrace a memory of yesterday, and march, horn a bleeting toward the blood stained fields.
Come at me Monday, Come at me!

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I now have 4# of candy syrup for my next brew. Life's tiny mistakes.

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Poor poor Paula Deen, a pound of flesh and fat between.
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