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Little Achievers Learning Center
Where a Child's Potential and Skills Are Achieved!
Where a Child's Potential and Skills Are Achieved!

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How to Raise an Honest Child
Every parent wants to raise honest children. Here are some ways you can do it:
1. Never call your little one a liar. If you keep telling your child that they are a liar, they will eventually believe it. No matter how angry you are, resist yourself from labeling your little one.
2. Avoid asking questions about things that you already know. Many parents are guilty of this. You want to test whether or not your child answers you the truth. Stop doing that. So instead of saying, "Have you finished your assignment?" just tell them, "Finish your assignment before watching a movie."
3. Do not forget to praise them. It takes courage to speak the truth. This is especially true if your little one is in the wrong. So whenever your youngster tells you the truth, praise them.
4. Set a good example. Do you know what the best way to teach honesty is? To be honest yourself. Your child looks up to you. They follow what you do. 
Little Achievers Learning Center offers various programs suitable for children of all ages. To learn more about our programs, visit our website at
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Early Childhood as the Most Important Period of Life
"The most important period of life is not the age of university studies, but the first one, the period from birth to the age of six." —Maria Montessori
Give your children high-quality education at an early age. Little Achievers Learning Center offers an assortment of programs suitable for children of different ages. Visit our website at

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4 Stages of a Child's Language Development
Children are not born to speak fluently. It takes some time for them to be able to utter words correctly. Below are the stages of a child's language development:
1. Babble Stage
2. Single-Word Stage
3. Two-Word Stage
4. Multi-Word Stage
Let us help you develop your child's language skills. We accept infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners. Visit

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4 Ways to Promote Your Youngster's Problem-Solving Skills
Problem-solving is perhaps one of the essential skills that children should acquire. Every day, they encounter different dilemmas. The only way they can handle the situation is to have a good set of problem-solving skills. Little Achievers Learning Center lays down some ways you can help promote your child's problem-solving skills:
1. Let them make mistakes.
Making mistakes is not a bad thing. It enables your child to learn from it. 
2. Do not decide for them.
Your child can decide on what they believe is right. Do not interfere with their decisions. If you think that they are making a bad one, you can tell them, "Don't you think it's much better if..." instead of saying, "You're wrong!"
3. Ask them for help.
Asking for their opinion lets them think that you trust their ability to solve problems. This can bolster their self-esteem. 
4. Give them real-life situations.
Present them a problem and listen to what they answer. You can also do this through role-playing. 
Enroll your child with us! Check out the programs we offer at We offer childcare services in Turnersville, New Jersey and Old Bridge, New Jersey.
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3 Signs that Your Baby's Diaper Needs to be Changed
Not changing your baby's diaper can cause rashes. How do you know that your baby is in need of a diaper change? Here are some clues:
1. It is leaking
2. They are not hungry but are crying nonstop
3. They keep reaching for their diaper
Little Achievers Learning Center offers Infant Care program. Visit

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A Reliable Provider of Child Care Services in New Jersey
Little Achievers Learning Center offers various child care services in two areas of New Jersey: Turnersville and Old Bridge. Our programs are tailored for children of different ages. Enroll your tot with us! Learn more about us at

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3 Benefits of Music for Infants
Babies love music. They like to sing and dance along with its tune. But did you know that music also contributes profoundly to your infant's development? Here are some benefits of letting your baby listen to music:
1. It improves memory. You can use music to help your baby remember the things they have learned. If you notice, playing a song to your baby repeatedly can make them remember some of its lyrics after just a few days. The same is true when you incorporate a song while teaching them.
2. It promotes language development. Research proves that there is a close connection between music and linguistic development. Music enables your baby to acquire new words. 
3. It enables them to manage their own emotions. Music is a good stress reliever. When we listen to music, we feel calm. Babies also experience the same effect. When your baby is crying, you can turn on a song to make them stop.
Your baby is not too young to go to school. Little Achievers Learning Center offers a program suitable for your infant. If you wish to learn more about it, call us at 856-227-9181/732-325-1134.
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3 Fun Ways to Learn the Alphabet
We have all experienced the hardship of learning the alphabet, but we were able to surpass it. How can you make it easier for your child to learn?
1. Play the ABC song
2. Read alphabet books to them
3. View YouTube videos about alphabets
Make learning fun for children. Enroll them at Little Achievers Learning Center. Visit

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What Corporal Punishment Does to Your Child's IQ
Studies found that children who are spanked or hit by their parents as a punishment perform poorly in school. At Little Achievers Learning Center, we provide a safe learning environment for your little one. Enroll them with us. Call us at 856-227-9181 or 732-325-1134.

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3 Kinds of Toys that Ignite Children’s Creativity
There are different kinds of toys that children can play with. They come in a various form, color, and appearance. However, there are also toys that enable children to discover their hidden talent which is creativity. Here are 3 examples: 

1)Yarn Dolls

Children are given the freedom to imagine how the doll would feel and look like. It’s up to them what the gender is and the emotion. In the process, the child learns about gender and different emotions. 

2)Wooden blocks or sticks

These blocks or sticks will allow the child to make something out of it based on their imagination. It can be a house, a tall building, or an appliance like a radio or TV. 

3)Art Papers

Children can make use of art papers to make their own toys with the help of their teacher or their parents. They can do origami. They can also create accessories through it, like necklaces or bracelets. 

#ChildrensCreativity #childcare #toys
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