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I don't think Pack Hunting is over-powered.  I used to worry about it being under-powered, but over time I've grown to believe that it is nicely balanced.  You said that Hard Shell is the only card that defends against an early Pack Hunting.  What about Burrowing, Horns, Climbing, and Defensive Herding?  Not to mention Symbiosis and Warning Call in conjunction with some of those other traits?

I think you are also over-looking one of the most important tools which allows you to get back in the game when there is a dominant Carnivore on the table:  Don't play a new species unless you can be certain that it will stay alive.  I've never had to wait more than one round (that gives you a minimum of 8 cards to chose from).  The other player gets a few extra points and perhaps an extra card that round.  No big deal.  And you might be able to starve out the Carnivore in the end.  I've seen a big Carnivore die off all of a sudden on more than one occasion.

Dominic Crapuchettes

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We're hosting an iPad contest to celebrate getting Say Anything into Target and Toys-R-Us. Woot!! Just go to the North Star Games Facebook page and play a sample round of Say Anything.

It only takes 30 seconds to click on your favorite answer!! Here is the question and the answers to choose from:

What would be the coolest technology to exist?
1: A car that turns your traffic lights green
2: Animal Translator
3: Cheap, green energy source
4: A robot masseuse that also serves drinks
5: Something that could defeat Chuck Norris
6: Invisibility Cloak

After playing, we would greatly appreciate it if you invited some friends to play. We want this to go as viral as possible, lest Say Anything gets dropped from Target and Toys-R-Us, and millions of families never get the chance to play the 2008 BGG Party Game of the Year (that would be a travesty). To help it along, if one of your friends wins, we'll also send YOU a free copy of any one of our games!

Note: You need to like our Facebook page to play, because we need to keep track of the participants in order to contact the winner.
Disclaimer: If two or more people claim to have invited the same friend, we'll go with the first person to have posted it on their Facebook page. Probably. Or if it is only two people, we might just send you both a game!
Our games are always fun, simple to learn, and bursting with personality. Why? Because they are...
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It makes a good gift. You can open it up and play it right on the spot. The design is flexible enough that you can play with your nephew and your grandmother without either blushing or getting bored.
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Dominic Crapuchettes

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I am an avid board game designer who took the plunge and founded North Star Games in 2003.  Our games are now available at Target, Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, and anywhere games are found!

I live with my wife, Karen Litsinger, and my son, Daniel.    They are responsible for the vast majority of the happiness in my life.
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I founded North Star Games in 2003, and I co-manage the company with Satish Pillalamarri.
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St John's provided an amazing education as well as the best memories of my life. But don't expect to get a good job upon graduating without another degree!
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I scheduled an appointment to get a replacement phone because the screen on mine was broken. Before that happened, I was told I needed to "backup" my phone and "download" the latest version of iTunes. Normally a technician would walk me through these sorts of things, but this technician told me he doesn't know Microsoft products, so I would have to figure out how to do it on my own. I asked to speak to the manager, but one of the (I assume lower level) managers on duty took the same position. At one point she mocked me and said "This is an Apple store!" I kept trying to tell them that I needed help with iTunes, which is an Apple product, but that didn't help. So I couldn't get a replacement phone at this location, even though I paid an extra $100 for the extra coverage. Overall, this was the least professional Apple store experience I have ever had.
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I have not had any work done by my brother, because I live on the other side of the country. But I have gone to work with him on several occasions while I was out visiting him. He takes a lot of pride in his work. He works especially hard, and always makes sure that he has the lowest price compared to the competition. I have spoken to many of his customers while working with him and all of them have been very pleased with my brother's work.
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