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A web design conference coming to South Wales on 25/May/2012
A web design conference coming to South Wales on 25/May/2012

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Today is Port80 Spring Localhost day!

only 18 days to go until #port80  2013 :)

Oh, and don't forget the after show party 

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Workshops have been announced for the 9th of May (the day before Port80 2013). +Andy Davies will be demonstrating how to get better insights into your website performance; Jack Franklin will be delivering two workshops on Javascript. These chaps really know their stuff. 

£79 (+VAT) for a half day workshop - strictly limited places

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The speakers for the main #Port80  event in May have finally been announced...

Check out the blog post and hear their audio clips

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Speakers announced for Port80 May 10th 2013 

...straight from the horse's mouth

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The Port80 Monthly newsletter will be kicking off this month. That'll be a good way to stay up to date on latest event news.

Please signup below.

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Hi all, G+ have recently announced "Communities", they are a bit like "Pages" (which this is) but with a big difference: on Communities, members can post as well, with Pages it's just what the page owner posts.

So, in terms of Port80, this Page will remain for announcements but there will probably be more happening in the community:

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Here's is +Relly Annett-Baker's dazzling talk on "content strategy" from May's Port80 Newport. 

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Audio stream of +Andy Davies's excellent talk at Port80 May 2012 - "Web Performance"   #talk   #audio   #webperf   #webperformance   #port80  

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