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Phillip Pierorazio
Assistant Professor of Urology & Oncology
Assistant Professor of Urology & Oncology


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Blue Light Cystoscopy for Bladder Cancer
Bladder cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer death in males and the most common site of cancer in the urinary system. An estimated 74,000 new cases of bladder cancer are expected to be diagnosed in the USA in 2015 and 16,000 deaths are estimated[1]....

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The Surgical Management of Large Prostatic Adenoma
Introduction Benign
prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is a prevalent disease, affecting 22% of men <
60 years old, and 45% of men 70-80 years old [1]. When BPH symptoms are
refractory to medical management, surgical intervention is recommended. Optimal
surgical m...

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Historical Contribution: Culp, 1941
1941 Postoperative venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism: analysis of eighty-eight cases O. S. Culp Anesthesia & Analgesia 1941  20: 47-48 In this early review of perioperative outcomes, Dr. Culp reviews the twenty-year history of the Brady Urological In...

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Historical Contribution: 1920, Colston, Gun Shot Wounds to the Urethra
1920 Colston JAC.  Observations on Gun-Shot Wounds of the Urethra.  J of Urol.2;185-192 . John Archibald Campbell Colston, a John Hopkins urologist, served with the Allied Forces during WWI. Dr. Colston documented his entire experience in the "J.A.C. Colsto...

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Historical Contribution: HH Young, The Punch Procedure, 1913
1913 Transurethral prostatectomy: A new procedure (punch procedure) for small prostatic bars and contracture of the prostatic orifice. Young H.H. JAMA 1913;9:253 In 1904, Hugh Hampton Young performed the first perineal prostatectomy for the treatment of pro...

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Micropapillary Bladder Cancer: I Have It, Now What Does it Mean?
More than 75k people in the United States are diagnosed with bladder cancer on an annual basis and its estimated that >500k people in the US are living with the disease.[1,2]  Greater than 90% of bladder cancers are urothelial cancer (UC; of the lining of t...

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Alternative Medications to Prevent Prostate Cancer
Many patients come to urology clinic asking about alternative medications for the prevention of prostate cancer.  Some are interested in taking a pill because other men in their families have prostate cancer and they are concerned they might be next in-line...
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