Gymchat 178 - Exercise and the Brain

Wed Jul 18, 9pm EDT
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As you’re no doubt aware, a regular dose of exercise has many, many benefits.

This week we're taking a look at just one of those; an aspect of physical fitness that’s often overlooked. The impact of exercise on the brain.

What happens to the brain during periods of exercise, and during recovery? How can you adjust your own fitness regime (and your lifestyle in general) in order to maximise these benefits? From the other side of things, can you use a regular dose of exercise to help heal the brain after an injury? Improve memory? Increase IQ? 

Helping us explore this fascinating topic is none other than personal trainer +Kirk Fontaine. Fantastic.

Note : For everyone who’s joining us for their first Gymchat, welcome. Just dive right in, and ask Kirk any training-related questions you like. And if you’d like to find out the details of upcoming discussions as soon as they’re announced, grab the Strength & Fitness Newsletter ( part of the Strength Kit : ). Absolutely free.
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