Gymchat 181 - Training With Grippers II

UPDATE : Sincerest apologies for this, but we’ve unfortunately had to reschedule this one. Will let everyone know during the week what the new date is.

Sorry about that.


Wed Aug 8, 9pm EDT
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We've talked a lot about grip training over the years - everything from DIY Grip Tools to Pinch Grip Training. Love it.

This week we're returning to a personal favourite, the world of hand grippers. What to get, what to do and so on.

And if you've got any specific questions on your own gripper work, fire them in. We'll get through as many as we can. 

Helping us explore this fascinating topic is none other than certified Mash Monster, Strongman and Personal Trainer +Matthew Hunt. Fantastic.

Note : For everyone who’s joining us for their first Gymchat, welcome. Just dive right in, and ask Matt any gripper-related questions you like. And if you’d like to find out the details of upcoming discussions as soon as they’re announced, grab the Strength & Fitness Newsletter ( part of the Strength Kit : ). Absolutely free.
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