Gymchat 149 - Getting Started

Wed Dec 21, 9pm EST (2am GMT)
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I love training; it’s safe to say that these days it’s a key aspect of my life. Can’t get enough.

Still, if you’re just considering embarking on this incredible journey, you may be wondering exactly where to begin. What equipment to use, how much space you need (if you’re setting up a home gym), what to eat & drink; what to do. There are a lot of questions.

This week we’ll be answering as many of them as possible. Discussing how to ‘Get Started’, no matter what your goals are. Sharing the information that helped us on our own journeys, as well as the things we’ve picked up along the way. Helping us explore this fascinating topic is none other than Personal Trainer, Martial Artist and Strength Coach +Christopher Smith. Fantastic.

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And to take part in the discussion, just leave a comment on this post. A question, suggestion - anything at all. Really looking forward to it.
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