Gymchat 166 - How Do You...IV

Wed Apr 25, 9pm EDT
(To see when that is in your timezone :

One of the many fascinating aspects of strength-training is that everyone has a slightly different approach; based on their own goals, available equipment and information. Love it.

This week we'll be returning to our discussion on training approaches, focusing on the many aspects of fitness other than the lifting itself. What's your current diet like, and do you take any supplements? What sort of music do you listen to whilst training, or do you prefer to lift in silence? Other than getting a good nights' sleep, how do you recover after a heavy session?

However you train, we'd love to hear about it. Join us for part four of the incredible How Do You … series. Fantastic.

See you there.

NB : If you’ve just joined us on Google+, welcome. Join us on Apr 25, and add a comment/ask a question or three. Dive in.
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