Gymchat 153 - Cycled Bulking

Wed Jan 25, 9pm EST (2am GMT)
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I've been chatting with +Maik Wiedenbach (Olympic athlete, personal trainer and nutritionist) recently about his approach to bulking, and about his thoughts on nutrition in general. Fascinating to say the least.

In this week's Gymchat we'll be investigating this cycled approach to bulking, what it involves, and when to use it; as well as sharing a few ideas on bulking in general. Whether you're doing something similar there, have a competition coming up later in the year, or are simply curious about packing on a bit of mass; we'd love to hear your questions, comments and ideas.

See you there.

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And to take part in the discussion, just leave a comment on this post. A question, suggestion - anything at all. Really looking forward to it.
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