Gymchat 180 - Arm Training

Wed Aug 1, 9pm EDT
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Arm training can be a complex beast.

Considering the first exercise that comes to mind for many people is the humble bicep curl, it's a little tricky to encourage arms to gain size and strength in all the ’right’ ways. The ones that help with your own goals, whether you're a professional Armwrestler, Powerlifter or Olympic Gymnast.

This week we're looking at Arm Training overall. What's involved, how it helps, and how to make sure it works for you. And if you've got any specific questions on your own arm training, fire them in. We'll get through as many as we can.

Helping us explore this fascinating topic is none other than Olympic athlete, personal trainer and nutritionist +Maik Wiedenbach. Fantastic.

See you there.

Note : For everyone who's joining us for their first Gymchat, welcome. Just dive right in, and ask Maik any questions you like on arm training. And if you’d like to find out the details of upcoming discussions as soon as they’re announced, grab the Strength & Fitness Newsletter ( ). Absolutely free.
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