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Live life, love life..
Live life, love life..


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I'm not sure if this was confirmed but I just realized that on the latest version 1.3.7 for my sgs4 sprint jflte the split view action only half works. When I open recents n select an app for split view it does so but the other half of the screen is black. I do the same again for another app n it'll switch to the other app on the opposite side while the other side now becomes black.
Is there a way to fix this problem, I don't want to go back to 1.3.6 had horrible battery life for me. 

Anyone having long GPS locating times. When using my GPS it takes forever to locate my exact position which renders it useless when being to find locations. I'm on the 1.3.7 jflte (Sprint s4).
I've also used the in app seeing GPS optimizer to no avail. I've also used other GPS apps to rule out if it's an app problem n it isn't. Ours the GPS it self.

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Quick question, which format do you guys have your external SD in? Fat or ext? Which former is best for the galaxy s4 in particular

Can anyone who have the sprint galaxy s4 please send a link to the rc2 or post so I can download it. Having problems with play store not connecting and phone activation. My phone won't activate which leads me to skip it at start up. Which I've Google leads to the play store not working properly.

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Anyone having a problem with using the Samsung WatchOn app? Every time I try to download it from play store I get "your device isn't compatible with this version"
Does anyone know a fix to this problem? I really use this app allot.

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Ok to some who like myself didn't know and was puzzled about why they can't find their specific device (I'm talking the s3 & s4 variants) it seems our dev here have made a unified build for these devices (jflte = all sgs4's). So let's all try and get our panties out of the knot now.

Ok, hold up hold up hold up un momento (doubt I said it right). I just found out that the sgs3 devices are unified...When was this info released? I don't remember a press conference announcing this.
Here's my question then, does this apply to sgs4 devices and if so which one is the unified build under? 

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So is rc3 only limited to some devices? I go on goo and there's a bunch of devices not there? Not rushing anyone or complaining, just wanna know if I'm wasting time expecting and rc3 for my device or not. P.s. I'm running the sg4 

I really do miss talking to her.
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Too funny. That's how I feel with females nowadays.
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I'm so pissed right now. I lost something which didn't need to be lost. Why are people so ignorant, why are people so jealous, why can't people trust why can't things just remain simple. I can't act like I didn't see it coming though, because I did. It just sucks really badly now. Now I'm by myself...again.
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