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Prescilla McIntosh
my sons names are Jacob Israel McIntosh andJoshua David McIntosh Fife
my sons names are Jacob Israel McIntosh andJoshua David McIntosh Fife

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I am having a spiritual warfare that i believe i am losing! I never thought  I would Blaspheme against God very harshly, but I believe that mankind has corrupted the word of god so badly that it makes him seem a if he hates woman, if God is a male then knowing women as a weaker sex and knowing that it was Satan in the dragon who tempted Eve, would have more compassion towards them, however the  apostle Paul formerly known as (Saul) the bringer of death to all who proclaimed Christ as their Lord and savior, found grace in the eyes of our Lord Jesus the Christ Who (Paul) insistently debates that the woman should not speak in the Church, However God does not dwell within buildings made by mans hands, he dwells in all of us who proclaim and follow His example of the new covenant, that make up the true Church of Christ, because God/Christ dwells within all those who adhere to the 10 commandments and the new covenant of the Body of Christ and the Blood that washes all our sins away and makes our garments white as snow. but I struggle with this, I mean no disrespect to God nor to our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ, but if I thought this way in my beginning years about God. About Him not seeming to care about woman then, what woman who accepts Christ as her Lord and savior, for the first time would not feel as if God does not love Woman? Is this not just another snare that Satan has cast about to those who have not the Holy Spirit to guide them , in all things in Spirit and in truth?  but if I thought this way in my beginning years about God not caring for woman then what woman who accepts Christ as her lord and savior, for the first time would not feel as if God does not love them? Yet He does love all of mankind, for Christ said who are my mothers, brothers and sisters, but those who believe in my words and the new covenant that he was to make manifest after He was glorified upon the cross. he took upon himself the sins of all of mankind! ie: both male and female, for in the kingdom of heaven there is neither male nor female, for we are all equal in the eyes of God the Father, and sent us the Holy Spirit, to teach us all things in Spirit and in truth!
I myself have information that I am unable to divulge to anyone else in this mundane world, about my abilities that border on the Godling child aspect! As many of you in Binghamton should know that all your winters have been normal up till the year after I came to grace this city with my presence. I give the glory to Christ our Lord. For I do not say this to "toot my own horn" on the contrary, you who truly believe in Jesus our Lord and savior must put on the full Armour of God! Yes you had an awesome winter in 2010-2011 but have you all failed to see that winter is not as it used to be? We are headed for a drought so I shall try to implement heavy rainfalls to compensate the lack of water that you all should have had for the past 3 years! all praise and Honor unto our Lord and savior Jesus the Christ to Him be the Glory forever, for  I am only a vessel
He uses for Holy duties. But I have been under Spiritual attack, and need more war Children of the living God to pray for a mighty victory in Christ, that I may withstand these extreme tests that are like being burned in the fire to remove the dross that make me impure, till I am made perfect like pure gold, Aunt Sharon please get your fellow Brothers and Sisters in Christ together accepting that we are more than conquers in this warfare, via  powerful prayer against the evil one who has this past week, been trying to cast every heavy doubt upon my salvation and calling. He has been saying I am to weak to bear this burden which God has called me to bear! I know I can be strengthened  with all sincere prayers, for there is great power in prayer, in Christ our Lord, especially when there are 2 or more gathered in his name praying on the same thing in agreement He is also there in their midst.
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