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Lecrín Valley Holiday Villa Granada Spain.
Traditional Villa in Restábal, the Lecrín Valley, South from Granada.
Traditional Villa in Restábal, the Lecrín Valley, South from Granada.


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Wandering in Lecrín Valley villages
At Casa Tagomago we love the local tradition of decorating window sills and balconies.
Now, where did I take this photo? Can anyone remind me?

Bookings: Susan & Frutos - +34 637 456 688

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For more about villages in the Lecrín Valley visit:-
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Celebrating the Grape Harvest in the Lecrín Valley
With all the delicious things one can eat in the Valley and Granada, some tasty wines are essential, don't you agree? To celebrate the grape harvest we've written this post about wine making in the Lecrín Valley and the Alpujarra.

From a Grape Harvest Festival to wines with "strange sounding names" you can discover more here:-

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For more about food and drink in the Valley and Granada visit our collection here:
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Food for Thought – Ten Favourite Granada Foodie Experiences
I’m sure you find the same thing, when you visit a place frequently you discover favourite things to do or see….or eat! Over the years of visiting the Lecrín Valley, we’ve accumulated our favourites too. So I thought I’d share a dish of some of our foodie specials with you!

To discover the ten dishes click here:-

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To read more about local delicacies visit our collection here:-
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Anyone for golf? IV Open Valle de Lecrín, Granada
Did you know that there are three golf courses within easy reach of Casa Tagomago? The nearest is holding the fourth edition of the Lecrín Valley Open this weekend.

Organised by the Lecrín Valley Tourist Association and one of its members, Santa Clara Golf Granada, the tournament will take place on Saturday, 29th. September. The Santa Clara golf course is located about 20 minutes from Restábal. Well favoured by golfers from all over Andalucía, it has been rated as the best course in the area by foreign players. One of the main attractions of the club is its situation at the foot of Sierra Nevada. So even if you don’t play you can enjoy a drink while enjoying the views.

For all the details visit our blog post here:-

Find us on the tourist association's website here:-

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For more on events and outdoor activities visit:-
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Discover the Lecrin Valley Village of Chite
One of the seventeen Lecrín Valley villages, Chite, a charming village spread over two barrios (quarters) which forms part of the municipality of Lecrín. These barrios are quite different from one another. The barrio alto or upper quarter is situated on the hillside whilst the barrio bajo or lower quarter lies on flatter land at its neighbour’s feet. In this last you’ll find the sixteenth century parrish church of the Immaculate Conception.

Find out more in Our Lecrín Vallley Guide:-

Post and photo by Susan at

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A Special Place for Special People
The difference is in the details and, at Casa Tagomago, we want you to feel special.

Find out more on

Shared by Susan

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The big lamb takeaway - no cooking today!
Ok, so you're self-catering at Casa doesn't mean you have to be a slave to the hob! At the Mesón Despensa del Valle/Bar Jovi you can order a leg of lamb like this, roasted in a wood burning oven. Place your order at least a day in advance and eat in or take the patio at Casa Tagomago. They also do roast suckling pig!
We can vouch for the tastiness!

Photo taken at Casa Tagomago by Susan at

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Mor about where to and what to eat in our collection here:-
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Let’s do some star gazing – The Tears of Saint Lawrence
How about some star gazing tonight? Go up onto the roof terrace at Casa Tagomago, grab a lounger and a glass of wine, lie back, get used to the dark and wait to see if you can spy this wondrous, natural phenomenon. Technically a meteor shower, this star-gazing spectacle is known by some as the Tears of Saint Lawrence and in Spain as Las Lagrimas de San Lorenzo, due to the proximity of the saint’s feast day. It seems that poor Lawrence was martyred on a huge gridiron, shedding large tears of agony, so these shooting stars are a real tribute to his suffering. In reality the tears aren’t stars but the trails of light caused by fragments of rock that disintegrate on entering our atmosphere at tremendous speed.

Full details and more in our Lecrín Valley Guide:-

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Post by Susan at

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For more about nture in the Lecrín Valley and Granada visit:-
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What to do in the Lecrín Valley. Parks and Gardens
Imagine wandering in the cool, green shade of these charming gardens. Only fifteen minutes from Casa Tagomago, you’ll find this hidden gem, owned and run by the same family since 1955.

Don't you think this makes a fabulous venue for a grand celebration? But you don't have to be planning a big do to visit these gardens.

Read our post to find out more.

Photos and post by Susan at

#LecrínValleywhattodo #LecrínValleynature #holidaysinLecrínValley #CasaTagomago #Granada #GardensinSpain

To find out more about nature in the Lecrín Valley visit our collection here:-
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Lecrín Valley music - XIV FIAMPSE an international music forum
Originally, this important musical and educational forum was planned for a different venue in each edition. However, due to the great reception and musical tradition of the people of Nigüelas, the organizers decided that it should be held annually in our valley. From July 28th. to August 12th. you can enjoy the concerts and activities of the forum in various settings in the Lecrín Valley’s most musical town.

All the details in our post:

Musical notes from Susan at

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To find out more about events in Andalucía visit our collectio here:-
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