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Legalese translated into real people talk.
Legalese translated into real people talk.

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In a criminal case, the prosecutor must prove you are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You do not have to actually be innocent to get a "Not Guilty" verdict, since Not Guilty really means not proven guilty. In defending a criminal case, you have no obligation to show you are innocent. If the prosecutor can not prove the case, you win.

Confession may be good for the soul, but in a criminal case it can result in you being found guilty even if the prosecutor did not otherwise have enough evidence. In fact, you should say nothing at all other than stating you want to talk to a lawyer. Even if you think what you want to say would not hurt you, it is best not to say anything because it could be that what you say contradicts other evidence thus making you look guilty. Speech may be silver, but silence is golden.

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It’s hard for a child to be kept away from either parent- but at times, we all know that it is for the best. If you feel that is the case for your child, a good attorney can help you do all you can to keep that distance, or ensure that visitation is as safe as it can be made, which may actually be ideal.

In Maryland workers' compensation, a person has the right to pick the treating doctor, and not the doctor the insurance company would like you to use. This is very important, since you want the doctor to care about you and not the insurance company.
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