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Because +McAfee won't give you a link. Here is a link for fix your subscription to #McAfee . Just enter your username and password.

+American Express, I recently tried to change my password to make it more secure. I noticed your password requirements. They are bad and you should feel bad. I understand requiring a min number of characters to increase hashing, but having a maximum?!  That's crazy. Also making space an invalid character!? I'm sorry who ever implemented a speck. It is wrong. You should change this. If you truly care about your users security online you should and will update your password policies.

Also, having a case insensitive password?! That's.... wow. I don't know how to handle that.

Here is what your website gave me as password requirements:
- Must be different from your User ID
- Must contain 8 to 20 characters, including one letter and number
- May include the following characters: %,&, _, ?, #, =, -
- Your new password cannot have any spaces and will not be case sensitive.

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Now have two wireless networks at my apartment. They are connected... The new main router can have fail over WAN connections... I am ok with this. +ASUS doesn't disappoint.

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+Comcast please fix your customer service. Your service is 'usable', however your customer service is so bad it drives people away. Thanks.

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Pics while sailing
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Dot Matrix #skywriting  
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Walking through the loop with a black box with a blinking red light.

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Great website. I wish i found this in college.

ASCII art in source is under appreciated.
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