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What if the Disney princesses, on the way to their happy endings, got a little... different?

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One cat. One laser pointer. One ambition. Today's the day:

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Men and women: six times more similar than you think

You can often guess men and women by height. But you can't do it nearly as well by mind.

These researchers found that if you divide men and women by physical strength, the 5% most "feminine" are, indeed, 36-to-1 more likely female than male.

But if you divide men and women by their minds, among even the 5% most extremely "feminine", one in six are men. And among even the 5% most "masculine", one in six are women.

Some men are quite short and some women are quite tall. But lots of men and women have behavior that crosses gender types.

You might as well judge people as individuals.

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"Blow up some ships. You've earned it."

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Hendrix's "Voodoo Chile" - on Korean Harp.
I'm thinking this belongs in 'Listening To', but I'm not too sure where to place this..? I mean, sure we can place this in Rock & Pop because despite the musical instrument used this is a Rock piece, but still...

Anyways, enjoy some heavy Hendrix on Korean Harp.

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Funny, clever, angry, witty and romantic.

(via +Daniel Keys Moran .)

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When your shiny godlike Artificial Intelligence is friendly in the wrong way...
15: The AI has absorbed the humane sense of humor. Specifically, the AI is an incorrigible practical joker. The first few hours, when nobody has any idea a Singularity has occurred, constitute a priceless and irreplaceable opportunity; the AI is determined to make the most of it.

25: The AI decides that Earth's history would have been kinder and gentler if intelligence had first evolved from bonobos, rather than australopithecines. The AI corrects this error in the causal chain leading up to its creation by re-extrapolating itself as a bonobone morality instead of a humane morality. Bonobone morality requires that all social decisionmaking take place through group sex.

27: The AI determines people's wishes by asking them disguised allegorical questions. For example, the AI tells you that a certain tribe of !Kung is suffering from a number of diseases and medical conditions, but they would, if informed of the AI's capabilities, suffer from an extreme fear that appearing on the AI's video cameras would result in their souls being stolen. The tribe has not currently heard of any such thing as video cameras, so their "fear" is extrapolated by the AI; and the tribe members would, with almost absolute certainty, eventually come to understand that video cameras are not harmful, especially since the human eye is itself essentially a camera. But it is also almost certain that, if flatly informed of the video cameras, the !Kung would suffer from extreme fear and prefer death to their presence. Meanwhile the AI is almost powerless to help them, since no bots at all can be sent into the area until the moral issue of photography is resolved. The AI wants your advice: is the humane action rendering medical assistance, despite the !Kung's (subjunctive) fear of photography? If you say "Yes" you are quietly, seamlessly, invisibly uploaded.

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Success mantis!
This pic seriously needs a caption....!

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Wu-Tang Clan predicts Straight Male: the 'likes' tell all

A little matrix math applied to your Facebook likes is sufficient to predict your gender and race at better than 90% accuracy, and your political affiliation at better than 80%. Your profile's likes do a pretty good job on revealing your private taste in sexual partners, drugs, and cigarettes too -- mostly without relying on any explicit cues.

Also, Facebook-liking Wu-Tang Clan is one of the strongest predictors out there of being a heterosexual male.

No, I am not making that up.

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Where do gold veins come from? Earthquakes, apparently.

Underground quakes cause a pressure drop that flash-vaporises gold-bearing fluid, depositing, tremor by tremor, layers of gold.
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