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Mock the lowly QR code as you may.

But people actually use it. In China. -

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Hangouts Easter Eggs

Some of you may already figured out the hidden Easter Eggs in the new Hangouts.  Here is the full list to have some fun with them. Keep in mind that those codes only work with Hangouts on Google+ and the Chrome Extension. 
Not in video calls or mobile.

#io13   #googleplusupdate   #hangouts   #eastereggs  

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Share your process. Tell us your story. Let's teach each other. #design   #webdesign   #webdevelopment   #workflow  

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this kind of thing makes me like Google more than other companies

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ok the announcement is over. can all the tech blogs stop talking about the same thing. 

UX on the new FB phone is a bit crazy

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i wish i could be here instead...
“At the edge of the Abyss”

Photographed from 98th floor of the Trust Tower in Abu Dhabi. It is the very tip of the tallest tower in the Capital.
Those men on the makeshift wooden ledge are standing over the 300m deep abyss. Slightly unnerving to say the least…but definitely worth it! The view these men and me had that morning was second to none…
This is a vertical panorama, ‘stitched’ from 6 separate shots. Pre-processing was done on Lightroom 4.3. 16-bit TIFF files were exported to Photoshop CS 5.5 where final assembly of the panorama was performed. Final grade with Viveza 2 and Color Efex Pro.
I use Canon 5D mk2 + Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Lens via Novoflex EOS Nik adapter

You're welcome to visit also my Facebook page:

#dawnonsunday  by +linda stokes and +Ray Bilcliff  #landscapephotography  by +Margaret Tompkins +Bill Wood +Jim Warthman +Carra Riley +David Heath Williams and +Johnny Minor  #hqsplandscape  by +Blake Harrold +Rodolfo Seide +Terrie Gray +Jay Gould +Nicolai Neijhoft and +Lani Banadera  #sunsunday  by +Shauna Dominguez and +Greg Dominguez 
#dailydepthoffield    +Daily Depth Of Field +Vince Ong +Nuraini Ghaifullah
#plusphotoex   by +Jarek Klimek
#pixelworld    by +PixelWorld and
#paitography    by +Paintography +Ray Bilcliff +Sherry McBriar +Gail Beerman and
#paintitclub  by +PaintIt Club +Richard Mabb +Celso Carvalho +Clare Bambers +Rick Leaf +k phelps +Milena Ilieva +Carol Small +Astrid Bartels +Stefan Kierek +Elin Vaeth and
#hqspart   by +HQSP Art and #hqspautumnshots   by +HQSP Autumn Shots +Carina Marsh +Delcour Eric +Ara MO +Rinus Bakker +Blake Harrold
#LandscapePhotography curated by +Margaret Tompkins  +Carra Riley  +paul t beard  +David Heath Williams  +Bill Wood
#10000photographers   by +Robert SKREINER  +Robert SKREINER - PHOTOGRAPHY 
+Daniel Wewerka

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