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In the downloadable supplements for the game, would it be possible to add a printable master skill list for the GM? I have a feeling my players will have a hard time remembering what their skills do, and the way they are scattered in the book makes it hard to look them up.

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Metatopia 2016! (Except for the two or three games I forgot to take photos of.)

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Swipe away 👻👻👻 in this #Halloween #GoogleDoodle Score: 25440

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I've got over 75 designers who haven't sent in their Metatopia game descriptions.
Help! Spread the word. I need those today. 

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Wow, almost there! Will it just be a giant gas ball like the sun or is there something more substantial to it? One thing is for sure, the three Lego figurines (Jupiter, Juno and Galileo) can't wait for the big day! =D

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If you are a developer on an AngularJS app - especially if you haven't started using Angular v2 yet - this blog post is a must-read. #angularjs #javascript #mvc #refactoring

For the #java programmers out there...

Q: What do you say to someone who helps you fix your AspectJ config?

A: Thanks for the advice!

Approximate steps to update to Windows 10 (from Windows 8.1):

1. Click through the prompts to register for the install.
2. Click through the prompts when Windows 10 is available, and choose 'start now'.
3. Wait 2 hours, as the progress circle climbs up to 97% percent.
4. The laptop screen goes dark. Power button shows that it's hibernating.
5. Make sure the laptop didn't run out of batteries. It shows as plugged in to AC power.
5. Move the mouse. Nothing happens.
6. Press the power button to start it up again.
7. Windows crashes with a blue ":(" error screen. Laptop restarts.
8. Log in to your windows account.
9. Click Customize Settings at the prompt.
10. Uncheck the box that lets Windows set IE as your default browser.
12. Click through the wizard.
13. Wait 10 more minutes.
14. Windows says this is "taking longer than usual".
15. Wait 5 more minutes.
16. Desktop is displayed.

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+Christopher Barley​ GM'd
This group was TPK'd by the Tomb of Horrors. This is the last time I saw them. #pathfinder #tombofhorrors #dexcon
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