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Paul W. Homer
Software developer, amateur writer and occasional photographer
Software developer, amateur writer and occasional photographer

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Stores of Value
Lately, I’ve been asked several times about what I think is the underlying value of cryptocurrencies. With their increased popularity, it is a rather pressing question. Although I am not an economist, or a financial engineer, or even particularly knowledgea...

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The primary goal of software is to be useful. In order to do that, someone with a problem needs to use it to build up a ‘context’ and then execute some functionality. This context can be seen as all of the inputs necessary for their computation, whether it ...

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Partial Knowledge
We live in an amazing time. Collectively our species knows more about the world around us than any one individual could ever learn in their lifetime. Some of that knowledge is the underlying natural complexity of our physical existence. Some of it is the dy...

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It is easy to get lost when tackling a difficult problem. It is easy to go off on a dead end, wasting a lot of valuable time. When we are presented with a lot of choices, it is very difficult to pick the right one. For whatever reason, most people are far m...

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How we go about building complex software is often called ‘methodology’. To be complete, a methodology should cover every step of the process from gathering all necessary information about the problem to deploying and operating the solution in a production ...

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As I said in my last post on Quality, the ‘real’ world is a very messy place. So messy that we are designed with filters to obscure the details for stuff we are not willing to accept. These filters are relative to how we internally model the world, which is...

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On the outside is the irrational world of the users, that has evolved chaotically over generations. It is murky and grey, with a multitude of intertwining special cases. It is ambiguous. It is frequently changing, sometimes growing, other times just cycling...

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If I had a lot of money I’d create a new website. It would be similar to Wikipedia, but instead of descriptive text it would only contain cold, hard facts. Explicit relationships between specific things relative to time. Structurally, the underlying encodin...

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Thinking Problems
What’s most interesting about reading lots of code is that you get a fairly deep insight into how people think. Building software solutions involves decomposing a bunch of related problems into discrete pieces and then recomposing them back into a solution ...

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Routine Software
As our knowledge and understanding of software grows, it is important to keep track of what are ‘trivial’ and ‘routine’ software projects. Trivial means that something can be constructed with only the bare minimum of effort, by someone whose has done it bef...
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