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So AdAge says this:

"First, millennials will soon start forming households. They have to because, sooner or later, with very few exceptions, young adults must leave their parents' home. That will reverse the declining number of households under age 45 and possibly revive the ailing housing market."

Sounds awfully confident, all this "WILL soon start forming households". For the record, I believe the Millennials will feature the lowest rate of household formation in history, and at later points than ever (meaning, get married older and older).

Why? Three reasons:

1. Growing and persistent disparity between men and women in education, career, and general "win at life" metrics (e.g., 3 women to 2 men ratio among college students);

2. Massive student debt loads amongst Millennials that are actually employed, combined with high unemployment amongst the young, which inhibits things like family formation;

3. And #1 leads to really strange behavior by both men and women, but particularly men. Basically, if yer gettin' the milk for free until well into your 30's, why buy the cow?

Yes, young adults must leave their parents' home, eventually. But that doesn't mean they'll be buyers. They may just be renters for a good long time, livin' up the bachelor life with a couple of roomies... well into their 30's. Result is low low low family formation rates.

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My Prezi from today's HAR/NRG event:

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Is there some way we can get this guy to run for President next year?

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Applies to more than graphic design...
This is from Clients From Hell and it's hilarious.

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In light of this story, and in light of Data Summit coming up, I'd like to ask... Who is the Stan Humphries of Trulia? Of I couldn't find anyone with the title of Chief Economist at either of those companies.

Or, for that matter, I couldn't find a named Chief Economist at any of the companies that are active in the data space. CoreLogic? LPS Real Estate Group? RPR?

Any of the franchisors or big brokers have Chief Economists? If not, why not?

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Friday night. Listening to some oldskool hip hop (ATCQ to be precise). Amazing how clever their lyrics are. So this here is a thread to just quote clever lyrics. :)

I'm halfway through +Ken Brand's book. It's quite good. Look for a review soon-ish. Oh, the book is available here:

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Now, THIS is a use for QR Codes I can see. New York City seems like the prime market for something like this. I can easily imagine shopping for some milk and eggs while waiting for the N/R...

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Getting this fun message trying to get Google+ on Google Chrome: The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
Error 15 (net::ERR_SOCKET_NOT_CONNECTED): Unknown error.

Um, don't you guys make Chrome? Shouldn't Plus work best in that browser? :D
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