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This video is amazing! Catvertising as awesome. Just sayin'

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Check out this sticker on an Apple Store window! So cool.
This is an extremely creative use of a STICKER on an Apple Store window for a promotion.

Have you ever seen other creative uses of stickers for marketing?

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Good to know...
5 Cool Tips You Should Know About Google+ Pages

1. You Can +1 a Page to Show Support or Add Them to Your Circles

We know you love some brands and businesses. Others you may want to show a quick note of support, but not see all their updates. So just drop a little +1 and keep going, or add a page to any circle you want. You're in control.

2. No Google+ Page Can Follow You Until You Follow Them

We want Google+ to be a place you love to share. Pages cannot circle you until you follow them first. Of course, if you are in their circles, they can share great deals, exclusive coupons, product tips and hangouts, but the relationship is yours to start.

3. In Fact, Google+ Pages Can't Even Mention You Unless You're Connected

That's right. The +Google+ page can't even say your name unless you're following. No +mention spam.

4. Google+ Pages Automatically Unfollow You If You Unfollow Them

If you remove a Google+ Page from your circles, you are automatically removed from their circles. You always are in charge.

5. You Can Find Google+ Pages In Google Search

With a new feature we call Direct Connect, just type + followed by the brand name in Google Search, and you can see pages automatically display. Type +Pepsi to see Pepsi, and +Dell for Dell. It's that easy.

We're very excited about the great work we've seen with Google+ Pages so far. So many amazing companies are here, and you can see from all the work we've done that we want your experience on Google+ to remain a fantastic one.

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YAY! Analytics for G+ will make me a happy communications professional!
Perhaps lost in all the well-deserved excitement around the +Pages launch, is the need for measurement and tracking of these (and other) social pages.

While there is nothing official to announce today, look out for some updates from the Google Analytics team in the very near future to learn what we're doing to revolutionize the industry by finally making social media accountable. View the link below for a teaser and stay tuned!

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Cystic Fibrosis Canada is now on Google+

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Check out this video. So awesome. I can't wait to see what +Marco Tempest has up his, uh, electronic devices [?], this December!
Magical Technology (extra bonus: A Google+ Magic Trick)

You might have seen +Marco Tempest's video on TED where he fooled the audience with three iPhones. But do you know how he did it? (His TED video is at you should watch that one first, because if you watch my video first it'll blow the illusion).

I visited his studio in New York last week to get a look.

What was even better was he gave me a preview of stuff he'll do at the LeWeb Conference in December in Paris and, even, did a cool Google+ trick too.

Oh, and make sure you don't miss his last two tricks. Those are, well, wow.

I think any TED speaker better see this. Why? The bar is going up on performance and it won't be easy to match. Even after you see the secrets.

This is a little preview of some of the things he'll perform at in December in Paris. I'll be there too.

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+Seth Weintraub made a big deal out of Siri today on 9-to-5 Mac. Why? Because tomorrow it's expected that Siri's new personal assistant software will finally show up on the iPhone. Here's Seth's article, which is a must read:

Through a happy set of circumstances the two guys who started Siri visited my house a few years back to show me their new tech (I was one of the few journalists who covered this startup and during the interview I said "I bet you're gonna get bought." Sure enough, Steve Jobs bought this company after only a couple of weeks on the market in a deal rumored to be more than $200 million.

My video of that interview is here:

Later I sat down with the Venture Capitalists who were behind Siri, here: and here:

It'll be interesting to see just what they've been doing at Apple since they sold.

It's not every day a startup comes through my house that shows me the future of the iPhone, but this was such a case.

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