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Had F/U yesterday on the EEG monitoring done the last week of Feb. The results are, in short story, all spikes and seizures seem to be coming from the remaining RTL. The result: Can have more brain surg to remove more RTL tissue, or VNS or last remaining drug try to reduce and or eliminate remaining spikes and seizures.  Of course, went for switch in drug, b4 another invasive surg.  Fighting the advance of years (aging process,) before the surg becomes necessary due to aging and a more co-morbidity health concerns are in process. Right now I am a healthy subject other than the epilepsy dx. I believe I should wait.                                                                            Yes, in a decade all that could switch 180 degrees, yet my mother is relatively healthy at 81 yrs. My great aunts all in their late 80's before experiencing terminal illnesses, my maternal grandmother in her 90's before death, my great grandmother lived to 103 yrs. before her own. Having maternal longevity as this, has me thinking any implanted device may wear out before I do, therefore it may be prudent to wait for a more suitable time in my life and arch of seizures occurances/severity, as occurred with the RTL surg. back in 2002 when I was informed it to be more life sustaining and a necessity. 
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