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I'm so busy right now, but I wanted to drop in and say a quick hello to all my G+ friends.  I love summertime, because it means more quality time with my family, doing things we love, like spending time on the lake.

I hope you are all doing well. Got any big summer plans?  
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Hope you're doing well, also Tish! No summer plans except laying quite literally at the bottom of the pool with an airhose and a magazine! haha! It's frickin' hot out here!
miss ya around here but glad you are spending time with the family +Tisha Craw 
That looks wonderful! My vacation this year is I'm going to go spend a week at Jericoacoara, Brazil. It's one of the best beaches in the country on the North East coast right at the equator, so it doesn't matter what time of year you go (like, it's winter here right now) it's awesome. :)
Nice shot. We here in Oz are entering our wet and cold winter.
+Jason Kowing, that sounds so good!  My next house/condo/apartment will have a pool! All we have right now is the lake.

Aw, thanks, +Gene Bowker! :) 

+Sarra Robinson, I'm so completely jealous right now, yet so happy for you!  I'm glad you are experiencing that with your family. :) 

+Pieter Pretorius, thanks! Are Australian winters really ever cold? 
Goin' nowhere this summer which is nice for me.
So far we've been spending a lot of time at the pool!  Otherwise, it's too damn hot here!
Yeah, +Brandon Luk, sometimes a staycation is better than a vacation. ;) 

+Jason Rykiss, I bet the pool is the only place to be in Arizona, during the summertime.  I can't remember some things from my childhood, but hot Arizona summers is something I'll never forget. 

Thanks, +Don Spenner! :)
Here in Victoria it gets very cold - and wet. By that I mean a minimum of around zero and a maximum of around 12-15. That is Celsius by the way!
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