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Cate Dunphy
I'm awesome and adorable.
I'm awesome and adorable.

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We have made more enemies than friends since 9/11. That's the greatest tragedy of all- that we've learned nothing. A pox on both our houses.

IT FEELS SO GOOD OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Storm woke me 2 hours before my alarm clock. Also my pants are too big. They're right out of the dryer too! How do I loose weight? /grouchyface

I'm juicy. And not because I'm curvaceous and delicious. I'm juicy because I missed my mouth and poured juice all over my lap.

Yay...panic attack and a brain that won't shut up. Also...nothing on TV. me.

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Best food blog ever. Why? Cause my friends and I run it. Heck yea!!

I HATE it when people announce they're bored. How much crap do you have around you to stimulate your brain? Do/clean/make/read/watch something. Educate your fucking brain. Go somewhere. For Gods sake you live in a country of instant gratification and you're not entertained?! Go die in a fire...I don't want you procreating in my world.

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Every Damn time...

Mom eating a double Baconator "Oh...I'm going to hell. om nom nom"
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