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Finally pushed beyond that 2000 point milestone on StackOverflow!!! :) :) :)
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This is a really big deal for mobile app development, whether you're using #Xamarin to write apps or not. Xamarin Test Cloud allows app developers to test their apps simultaneously on virtually every mobile device available...all at the same time. This is something that, in the past, has basically required actually owning each of the mobile devices that the app needs to be tested on...or just submitting to the app stores and praying that your app doesn't crash on mobile devices that you didn't have access to during development. There have been other similar services in the past, but Xamarin Test Cloud is better because of its automation and reporting. I've been looking forward to this being released for over a year!
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Cross-platform is an emerging theme in Microsoft's repertoire: Xamarin collaboration, Minecraft purchase...what's next?
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I'm infatuated with the stark contrast between North and South Koreas. Check out this series of photos that illustrates it.
Tale of two countries: Amazing photographs which show the stark differences between North and South Korea

German photographer Dieter Leistner captured images of the countries which used to be united before Cold War split
The capitalist South is busy and prosperous but the communist North is poor and repressive 
Bustling streets of Seoul contrast with miserable scenes in Pyongyang 
By Hugo Gye
Published: 13:47 GMT, 13 May 2014 | Updated: 16:42 GMT, 13 May 2014

These extraordinary photographs show the extreme differences between everyday life in North and South Korea.
The two countries were culturally identical before they were split into the communist North and capitalist South - but now they are almost unidentifiable.
German photographer Dieter Leistner travelled around both countries, capturing images which demonstrate the huge gulf between them. 

South Korea's capital Seoul appears modern, prosperous and busy, while Pyongyang in North Korea is desolate and underdeveloped.
Mr Leistner was given official permission to travel to Pyongyang in 2006, and returned to the peninsula six years later to take complementary photographs of Seoul. 

The photos of North Korea showcase bronze statues of Communist heroes and wide avenues with very few cars and people.
The bustling streets of Seoul could not be more different, choked with cars and people and late-night shopping.
Mr Leistner's book, Korea-Korea, reflects on the parallels with the situation in his own home country, which was for decades split between West and East Germany.
His images are supported by excerpts from two diaries. The first was written by Philipp Sturm, who grew up in East Germany and accompanied Mr Leistner to Pyongyang.

The second was written by Ahn Hehn-Chu, who was born in Germany to Korean parents, and has regularly visited Seoul since she was a child.
In her diary entry, she described how dynamic Seoul is. She wrote: 'I've been to the former night market in Dongdae-mun at 4am to go shopping before but this is the first time I've gone to a hair salon that's open 24 hours.' 

He also recounted visiting the Mangyongdae Children's Palace, where school children can part in extracurricular activities in line with their talents.
'Countless children appear, as if ordered and perform for us and our escorts on command,' Mr Sturm wrote.
Mr Leistner studied photo engineering and visual communication in Cologne, Essen, and Wuppertal.
In 1999, he became a professor of photography in the design department at the Würzburg-Schweinfurt University of Applied Sciences.
North Korea / South Korea Comparison Photos
15 Photos - View album
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Native apps aren't going anywhere.
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A new blog post of mine on how to integrate Xamarin's OAuth2 component with the new Xamarin.Forms framework.
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Dr. Harold White: Faster than Light: Warp Drive | SpaceVision
Faster than light—Warp Drive—Is it possible to travel faster than light? NASA's Advanced Propulsion Lead, Dr. Harold White, has modified a previously unsuccessful faster than light (FTL) model called the Alcubierre Drive, and has successfully proven that faster than light travel might just be possible. Dr. White discusses the hard facts behind this technology as well as the roadblocks to exploring our closest stars.

Credit: Space Conferences - SpaceVision 2013
Release Date: November 8, 2013

+NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 
+Star Trek Community 
+Space Conferences 

#NASA  #Space #Travel #WarpDrive #Propulsion #Interstellar
#FasterThanLight #Spacecraft #Physics #Science #Engineering #FTL #Stars #Universe #SpeedofLight
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A short blog post about a concern I have with Soylent, and the the email I sent in regards to it.
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A limerick...about haiku.
I once tried to write a haiku.
It turned into syllable stew.
That five seven five
Almost burned me alive.
And now I don't know what to do.
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