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is super duper!
is super duper!

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Just sayin'.
#ios7   #osxmavericks   #wwdc2013   

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I work at Google and even I can't get an #IngressInvite.

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Oh, you...
Fucking Genius  ^_^   +Matthew Inman Pwned hahahah     #chirp  

One Genius pwned by another Genius :D

Best (only?) custom profile URL on Google+.  Congratulations Matthew! ;-)

Love you both +Matthew Inman & +Google+  you both are great ^_^

Maybe now that #jellybean is out, the EVO3D will get #IceCreamSandwich .

Digging this #newgoogleplus even with the #whitespace. They're really making an effort to be #facebook + #twitter

OH MY GOD for the first time in the 5 years I've been using it, I can't log in to Facebook! Facebook is down! I need to tell people but how?! All my friends are on FACEBOOK!

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"I'm ready to eat some meat." "I'mma catch whatever he throws." Pretty raunchy night so far.

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Polish people are crazy!
Greg Mirzoyan - Bombing down a salt mine in Poland.
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