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Be what you are—a daring professor of history. (Robertson Davies, The Lyre of Orpheus)
Be what you are—a daring professor of history. (Robertson Davies, The Lyre of Orpheus)

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A sample record sheet for the Camp Followers character.

A game of loyalty, survival, and despair set in the Niagara borderland during the War of 1812, Flames Across the Border emulates the dilemmas of ordinary people when armies overrun their country. The war between Britain and the United States became a gritty civil war in the summer of 1813 when American forces captured Fort George and advanced up the peninsula. Play a member of either British or American forces during the Niagara. You can be a Mohawk, the son of a loyalist, a camp follower, a long service regular, or freed slave. Your goal is to survive to provide for and protect your family, your farm, or or business with your humanity intact. Yet the very act of making war leaves your family vulnerable and forces you to commit acts that force you to reach for the bottle when you cannot sleep at night. Will your actions make a difference, or will you become another victim of war?

The mechanics are relatively simple and are used across most of the game's subsystems. Skill tests and attacks are resolved by rolling 2d10 and adding any modifiers and comparing the result to a target number. Doubles result in criticals. A critical success occurs when the doubles equal or exceed the target number and critical success when the doubles are lower than the target. The more difficult a task, the more likely the chance a character will critically fail.

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Hopefully C7 will start taking orders soon.
We're delighted to be able to share Sam Manley's latest cover painting for The One Ring Roleplaying Game!

Oaths of the Riddermark is a collection of connected adventures that take your company of bold adventurers through events in Rohan, and the trials of Thengel King, the father of Theoden. It’s a rip-roaring set of scenarios, and we’re really excited about it! It is the accompanying volume to Horselords of Rohan.

Horselords of Rohan, the supplement that brought playable Rohirrim, Dunlendings and detailed Rohan, Isengard, Fangorn and more has been another smash hit, and we're arranging to reprint it now so that we don't run out!

Learn more about The One Ring:

I have also just started my first campaign of Red Markets. My group has turned the underground city beneath Seattle into their enclave. Major players in the enclave include the military, academics, and prostitutes. The crew has completed negotiations and has just set off on the first leg of the job. We are playing by post so progress will be slow. The advantage to PbP is that it allows me to consult the rules between posts so I look more competent than I really am.

Anyone else have problems with the Erebor book? My copy has been misbound. Following page 63, are pages 33-48 and then it picks up again with page 81.

Now that we are receiving Journeys and Maps, have Erebor in pdf, and have just pre-ordered the Adventurer's Companion, is Oaths of the Riddermark the only supplement we know of remaining in the pipe? Not to be greedy but does anyone know what other TOR supplements C7 may be working on?

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We are delighted to announce that the pre-orders for Erebor - The Lonely Mountain, and Deluxe Q Workshop One Ring Dice Sets are both now live!

Find out more about this fascinating supplement at our website:

Or go straight for the pre-orders:
Or the PDF:

Or pre-order at your local store and if they participate in Bits and Mortar, you can get the PDF free!

Erebor - The Lonely Mountain
With Smaug the Dragon defeated and the Dwarves of Erebor returning to their ancient mansion, the land east of Mirkwood resounds once more with the din of hammer on anvil. King Bard has completed the rebuilding of Dale, City of Bells. The furnaces of the Lonely Mountain are relit, and the toy-market is reopened. Travellers, merchants and adventurers turn North once again to seek their fortunes, as hope returns to Wilderland.

Packed with new information on some of the best-known locales and characters described in The Hobbit, this invaluable guide, aimed to players and Loremasters alike, describes the Dwarf-hold of Erebor, the city of Dale, the surrounding regions, and the many different activities to undertake there.

Also included are new rules for Dragons, Dwarven artefacts and the art of their making, as well as two brand-new playable cultures – The mail-clad Dwarves of the Iron Hills and the wandering Dwarves of the Grey Mountains.

Behold the majesty of The Great Chamber of Thrór, marvel at ancient tales of the War of Orcs and Dwarves, experience the hustle and bustle of the River Road in Dale, commission a smith of Anvil Way, visit the ravens and venture into The Waste. Erebor and Dale await!

Erebor - The Lonely Mountain features:

• A comprehensive guide to iconic Middle-earth location The Lonely Mountain, it's places, characters and things to do.

• A detailed guide to the city of Dale, it's notable locations and characters and things to do.

• A detailed guide to the surround area around Erebor and Dale

• Rules for creating Dragons as adversaries for One Ring Games

• Rules for Dwarven artefacts and forging

• Amazing cover art by John Howe

• Two new playable cultures – The iron-clad Dwarves of the Iron Hills and the wandering Dwarves of the Grey Mountains.

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This came in today's mail.

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