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Ahh I guess you're here because you love to travel too. So, let's get to know each other by answering these two fun questions:

1) Where were you during your favorite travel memory?
2) Where is a dream place for you to visit some day?
3) for fun... a little about yourself or your website or whatever... so people can get to know ya :)
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1) My Favorite: Iceland... in the summer... 5 hour sunsets followed by 5 hour sunrises!

2) I want to go to: North Korea. It seems so strange and kooky and creepy.

3) A little about me... I live in Austin, TX now, but I'm about to move with my wife and three kids to New Zealand. It should be a nice little family adventure! :)
Good idea, Trey:)

1) My favourite place so far: Outer Hebrides, Scotland last summer, the green grass and sheep everywhere, beautiful landscapes...
2) I want to go to New Zealand and Alaska, everyone says it's so beautiful...
3) I currently live in Prague, Czech Republic (originally I'm from Slovakia), I'm still a student (computer science) but I love travelling (my budget is not so big but I go somewhere whenever I have a chance) and I love taking pictures everywhere I go:); you can find some of my photos here at my blog:
Hi Trey, so u too are trying out with G+ Pages !!!

This is Sathya here - someone inspired by photography and trying my hands at Travel , landscape and HDR photography. I update my weekly blog :)
1) Favorite Travel Place : The drive up Scotland when I was lost as the GPS was not having signal. The remote drive took me thru some amazing scenery and road side falls...

2) Where is a dream place for you to visit some day : That has to be Cambodia and Kenya safari :)
1) Favorite memory - On a mediterranean cruise having fun with my family and trying out my then-new DSLR (playing with HDR while everyone slept, thanks to SIC)!
2) Mt. Fuji - this Sunday!
3) Joined the US Army and seeing the world. Just left Germany to live in Japan and am now tinkering with all kinds of photos on G+, http:/, and on my blog at I just don't want to go home!
1) Favorite Place: loved the Greek Isles (Naxos Island in particular) and Koh Samet, Thailand - just need to go back with my DSLR now
2) South Island New Zealand and Chile - both planned trips over next 6 months!
3) US citizen currently living in Melbourne - getting into photography and learning HDR - (pics/travel blog) or G+
Although I don't travel that much, I just circled this for fun!

1) Favorite so far: difficult, so many totally different places. I guess Paris was nice, and Barcelona, although both were some time ago.
2) I want to go to: Iceland, definitely!
3) I live in Maastricht, the Netherlands, right next to the border with Belgium (I can see it from the window), and Germany is around the corner too (20-30 minute drive).
Hi Trey,

1) Favorite so far: Budapest & Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
2) I want to see the fjords of Norway and Patagonia
3) Here is my SmugMug account:

Love your work Trey!
Great idea Trey!

1) Dubai for sure. My uncle lives there, so I visited UAE three times, but I wasn't very much into photography that time. I hope I'll get there in 2012!
2) My dream countries: 1. Iceland, 2. Japan, 3. Mauritius
3) I live in Prague, Czech Republic. My parents are foreigners, my father is from Syria and my mother from Slovakia(it is a wild combination). I will start blogging when my english skills improve dramatically. :)
1. Australia. I had always dreamed of going. Seeing the beautiful nature so different from the United States lived up to everything I had dreamed of. Of all the places there Kakadu National Park was the most outstanding.
2. Dreaming of Antartica, Costa Rica
3. Have a career outside of photography which I love. But do love to travel and enjoy the challenge of making photographs that I like and the positive feedback from others on them.
1) Malaysia - Borneo rainforest. I am fascinated by remote tribes, jungles & animals. Borneo has all on offer with some adventure travelling through the rainforest on long boats.
2) South Africa - Krugar National Park
3) I am an IT Consultant working in London. I just bought an entry level DSLR and trying to learn photography (subject that I love) by observing pictures taken by others, so that I can take pictures that tell the story of my travel.
1. Peak District UK (getting lost there)
2. New Zealand and Hong Kong
3. I live in Madrid. When I was 10 my friends bought gossip magazines while I bought photography ones.
Ben Lee
1. Skiing in Japan
2. Desperately want to go to trekking in the himilayas
3. I'm an event manager for IMG in Asia so my job takes me all over the region. I grew up as an expat in Hong Kong and still live there (23 years and counting). Asia is home and see no reason why that would change. I own an Canon 400D however plan to upgrade to the new "Mark III" whenever they see fit to release it. For some travel snaps of mine you can look here -
1. England visiting my dad when he was living over there for work and going to a Manchester United soccer game.

2. Would love to go to Italy

3. I'm an IT Consultant living in Pittsburgh, PA - just started my own website at (and just started into this whole photography thing a few months ago).
1. Visiting New York City this past weekend (November 5th) game me a new appreciation for this great city. I've been there a few times before, but this was the first time with the eyes of a photographer. I saw new things and appreciate the splendor of it all in ways I had not before.

2. Russia and China

3. My blog is at and some other photos at
Hi, Trey. I'm also in Austin and love traveling. Just wish my job allowed me more travel time. :)

1) Where were you during your favorite travel memory?
That seems to change with nearly every trip. I love going to national parks and have visited over 25 of them (national parks, national monuments, world heritage sites, national historic sites, etc.). As far as travel memories go, the more remote the place the better. Two place come to mind: Big Bend NP and Glacier NP.

2) Where is a dream place for you to visit some day?
I've been to Alaska and would like to go back to explore it more. My dream is to go past the Arctic Circle all the way to Prudhoe Bay.

3) for fun... a little about yourself or your website or whatever... so people can get to know ya :)
Native of Brazil, I have now lived in Texas for longer than my home country. I love Austin and central Texas. I'm crazy about Brazilian music (of course) and have a Brazilian music review site ( -- anything related to Brazilian music I like. In recent years, I have developed more appreciation for photography, too. My photo web site is mostly for my family in Brazil ( to live vicariously through my travels, so it has bad and good shots and my learning attempts at HDR and nature photography.

Thanks for yet another great idea of yours, Trey!
1.) Standing on Machu Picchu with my Dad a few years ago was probably one of the highlights of my travel experiences.
2.) Iceland and South Africa.
3.) I'm an urban decay & night photographer in California who likes to travel to the East Coast to photograph abandoned hospitals. My website is:
Hey there!
Ok, let's see the answers:
1) I have two for the price of one: The first, on Villa La Angostura, a mountain village in Argentinian Patagonia. Great place The second: Mendoza province. Also in Argentina. Love that place and want to move there.

2) I have to visit Egypt. After that I will be happy enough. Of course Europe is on the list, but to me, Egypt is Egypt.

3) About me... I live in Argentina, also I am from Argentina. I love going to new places, though money is something that makes it difficult... I know that some day I will be able to go to the places I want to go and see the same things many other people sees every day.
1. I was on a pirate ship on Ashinoko near Hakone, Japan, sightseeing with some friends. I used all of my 1st year Japanese skills to strike up a conversation with the little boy I was sitting next to. The entire trip across the lake, we chatted (in Japanese) about pirates, video games, etc. That I was able to make a personal connection with someone in his own language... I'll never forget it. It still motivates me in my studies.

2. I've always wanted to travel to Thebes and to see the pyramids in Egypt.

3. Former Air Force brat (where I got my love of travel) turned art historian turned computer geek (in Austin, TX; hi, Trey!), now housewife & post-bacc student in Japanese in Portland, OR.
My favorite travel memory is the summer Dad booked us rooms at the Hospitality Motel in some little town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They quoted him great rates, and he booked the rooms sight unseen. I was the oldest of 5 or 6 kids at the time, and I was 12 or 13 I believe.

The sheets were dirty, there was a sand sculpture of a nude woman on the beach (much to my brothers' delight and stepmother's horror), and as we sat on the porch trying to decide what to do, Dad looked at me, looked over my shoulder, and said calmly, "Don't move, let me get my shotgun."

The spider over my head was that big.

I think it was the first time I realized my Dad was infallible after all. Needless to say, we didn't stay.

I can't remember the rest of that trip to this day. But I will never forget that spider, and the wonderful belly laugh that came out of my Dad as he realized fully in that moment what a disaster his "deal" truly was.

I have always wanted to see Paris, Kenya, Venice, Lake Tanganyika, and Angel Falls. My more realistic dream right now is to go to Hawaii within the next year or two.

I'm Shannon Bolin, 43 year old grandmother of 3, lover of great photography, and I have a World of Warcraft/gaming blog at
North Korea would indeed be a neat place to visit, but I think it's best to wait till things thaw a lot more. The last time I was in S. Korea, limited access was given to South Koreans to visit the North, but a few weeks earlier, a woman had been shot and killed for wandering off on her own. Mines are also a real threat near the DMZ. But do visit S. Korea and the DMZ to feel the tension in the air.

I've been lucky enough to have started travelling over 40 years ago. I've been to many places, but have a lot more on my list. Iceland was indeed a highlight and not so bad even in February. Some photos from more recent trips are here
1. Either kayaking the Sea of Cortez, Baja California, or canoeing Nahanni National Park, NWT Canada. Or maybe even back to Seoul.
2. Locally ~ Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia. Or dreaming big? Patagonia.
3. Originally from NJ USA, now in Kiev Ukraine. My website ~
1. My first big out of country trip to the Galapagos Islands and the Four Corners in the US.
2. Iceland, New Zealand or back to China or Italy
3. I live in the Texas Hill Country which is normally beautiful but the drought of the last year has made the need to see something different for a change.
1. Under the Iguazu Falls.
2. I hope to be surprised by somewhere on my list of places :)
3. I'm a journalist, I do a weekly show on disability rights (+Technical Difficulties) . I travel to see where my friends come from (mostly) and I take pictures largely on spec with my camera phones (best sensor being the Nokia N95)
1) My favorite travel memory... what really blew my mind was taking off to live in Japan for a summer two years ago. I'd never just taken off on my own without my family or anyone for an extended period of time (it's the longest trip I've ever taken, and the furthest I've been from home, too). Loved it and I want to go back. :)

2) I'd really like to spend some time at Australia (at least a month), Africa being a close second.

3) I'm a freelance photographer and writer based in South Florida, keep a travel blog called Snapitude (currently putting the finishing touches on newly 'launched'; pardon my dust) and get out of town whenever I've got the time and money. I also love photographing events, I found, something I never thought I'd be doing (though as a second shooter).
Hi all! 1. favorite travel memory was spending two brief, hectic days during a recent trip to paris. As cliche as it sounds, we were blown away by the beauty of that city. Would love to go back and explore it in leisure.
2. Possibly like to go to south america or new zealand next.
3. I am software engineer by profession, an amateur photographer, more of a hobby. Very eager to learn and improve my skill as a photographer. Have some of my photos here : and
Hey Trey -

1) Hard to sort them all out, there are so many! I do remember one night in a cheap hotel in Majuro struggling with a pandanus fruit and my Swiss Army knife, the rain pelting down on the tin roof. When it stopped, I heard the most beautiful a capella voices drifting through my window from a church down the block. It was a choir rehearsing their Christmas carols in a way that only south sea islanders can do it. It was magical!

2)Dream Place(s)? Mongolia, Seychelles, Anatolia, and just about every other place I've never been.

3) I know I share an immense appreciation for your work, Trey, and especially what you do, so I'll bet I'm pretty much like everyone else here in that respect. I live to travel and take pictures but haven't been able to get out of the country in many years - does that mean I'm a goner? See what I do here:

Thank you!

1. I've never been to a place I didn't like but I'd have to say Norway was one of the best. I hear you may go there next year- I'm sure you'll love it.
2. I've never been to Africa so that is in my dream space.
3. I'm a Quoteographer and and my blog is
Great idea to start this - and I love going through the answers...
1. My all-time favorite is Antarctica - absolutely amazing place and not comparable to anything else. Some of my other top favorites are Mongolia, Iceland and Tibet...
2. One of my dreams is to take a few months off to go and travel through Australia...
3. I am from Switzerland but currently live in New York City. Some of my recent pics are on Flickr:
1. I have a ton of memories of summers in Nova Scotia, Canada. It offers so much diverse landscape and I have so much yet to explore there.
2. New Zealand. +Trey Ratcliff I envy you for this move. Also Iceland or Norway. Hard to pin down an absolute #1, though.
3. I hold down a day job to fund my photography. Possibly one day I can travel much more and photograph beautiful places in this world. For now I post my travels on
1) I spent 5 days in Banff National Park, in Alberta this summer. I can't wait to go back, breath taking scenery everywhere.
2) I would love to visit Nepal and China. In reality though I want to see hundreds of places
3)I am a carpenter by day and a photographer in my spare time. I can be found at
1, Walking the streets of Rome. It felt like walking through a living museum.
2. An african photo safari
3. I am a serious photography enthusiast, living in San Diego. My parents instilled my interest in photography when I was a teenager by lending me their Minolta SLR. But it was not until my wife got me my first digital SLR in December 2006 that I started improving my skill level. You can find some of my photos at:
1. Victoria Island, British Columbia, Canada. It was a chilly day, I was in the 5th grade, traveling with my parents. The city was like a dream; beautiful architecture, greener than green grass everywhere, horse drawn carriages and the smell of slightly burnt cocoa wafting through the streets. I had a, well, let's face it, crummy 2 megapixel camera with me. The photos were decent, for a 5th grader.
2. Italy. The whole boot.
3. I am Stephen S. Lewis, 23 years, agent of entropy, man of immense certitude and grace. My dad is a veterinarian and my favorite TV show is The Prisoner (1968). I have been exploring photography and cinematography for over a decade. HDR is a new tool I just recently added to my toolbox. I am enjoying the learning curve. Sir Ratcliff has been a great inspiration. I like to surround myself with people smarter than me, so I can soak up the knowledge and experience.
My nascent portfolio:
1: Volpaia, Tuscany, Italy. My trips normally involve me running around attempting to achieve ridiculous schedules, so I rarely have a chance to relax. But sat in a courtyard in tiny Volpaia, outside one of only three restaurants, eating a superb braised wild boar dish and drinking the local wine during a sunny (but shaded) lunchtime, it all came together!

2: I'm amazed I've never been to Morocco or anywhere in the Middle East, so one of those. Or the lumpy mountainous region of China!

3: I'm based in Queenstown, New Zealand, where I test cameras, lenses and accessories for my website - check it out and tell me what you think!
What a lovely idea! And I love reading all your answers too!
1. Cycling along the Danube, Hungary and Slovakia
2. Curacao and Surinam (because my grandparents used to live there) and Iceland
3. I'm a Dutch girl living & working in London, a literary author and I blog about travel stuff here:
1. Fondest travel memories - Fernando de Noronha island, off the coast of Brazil; all over Italy, during the year we lived there and afterwards; Santa Catarina state, in Brazil, with my family; mountains in Bolivia and Peru, including the Inca trail; several others;

2. Sacred mountains in China; Guiling river in China; Bali; US Southwest Canyons; and many many others...

3. I'm a professor in Computer Science, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and a photo enthusiast for over 40 years. I have travelled quite a bit (see, and you can see some of my photos both here ( and on Flickr (
As a kid, I loved to surf, and a group of friends and I made our way down to Punta Baja, Mexico. There was nobody around, but there were fishing nets hung from two sticks like a volley ball court. We happened to have a volley ball, being college guys, and within a minute there were probably 25 people around us, playing volley ball! They made us feel super welcome to their village and offered us awesome fresh fish. It was memorable because we were outsiders to their world, and yet they made us feel welcomed. There was absolutely no surf.

I'd love to find anyplace off the beaten track where there are people like that again. Doesn't matter where. I love little road trips around the northwest, visiting my kids, lately.

Nowadays, I'm a student and write a blog about my grandfather's photographic collection. He lived in the early days of aviation, and dragged his cameras (his dad owned a portrait studio) with him through a career in auto racing and aviation from 1913-1920. I'm hoping to post a majority of the thousand or so photos he took. It's at
1. My Favourite: Tanzania - (on the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro) watching a glorious sunrise over endless pristine snow with a backdrop of a magnificent hulking glacier and Mt Meru

2. Want to go: Namibia - immense sand dunes and a dramatic temporal landscape begging to be explored and photographed :-)

3. About Me: An Australian living in San Francisco, passionate about all things technology & photography, loves adventure, mountains, ancient civilsations and travel...
1. Near Alice Springs, Australia in the fall (April) of 1989. We arrived about 2 weeks after the longest rain in 30 years. Flowers that hadn't been seen in a generation were in bloom and the desert was alive in color.
2. Big game video safari in Africa. Planning for 2013.
3. I currently live in Caledonia, MS. Teach Air Force student pilots in the simulator and classroom. Love to travel and video as I go.
My favorite travel memory is when I was 5, out boating with my dad off the coast of Victoria, British Columbia, we stopped at a small rocky island to gather clams and then made them into some chowder. Almost all of my favorite travel memories are from boating out there. Once, a dolphin came up to the side of the boat. Another time we stopped at an island where a treasure chest at the end of a pier said, "Exchange one treasure for another."
One more favorite: when I was in Peru to visit Machu Pichu, I took a detour at a humming bird and orchid sanctuary at the base of the mountain. There was a humming bird there with a 1-foot long bright red tail with a pom pom at the tip; it could barely fly, but it was beautiful.
I would like to visit China at some point.
About me: I am an IP lawyer with a penchant for the extraordinary.
Cool post!
1) My fondest travel memory was as a kid, traveling with my parents to Lake Kesagami in Canada on a fishing trip. I always go back to that because it was one of the only times we actually acted like the Griswold-vision of a familiar unit. :)

2) I've dreamt for years to visit the Cairo region, specifically for photography purposes. Always had a soft spot for Egypt's place in the story of human history. I decided to put this later on my bucket list b/c of volatility in the region.

3) I'm a dad, programmer, photographer, nerd man-child based on the Gulf Coast. One of my sites is I like pina coladas,.. and getting caught in the rain.... ;)
Have so many travel memories... one favorite was getting a ride (hitchiking) in the back of an old pickup truck across part of Utah. I have literally had dreams of going to Greece, but in the dreams I never get there for some reason... until about a year ago and in my dream, I finally made it. I know it isn't that "exotic" but I would love to visit and stay for a while to explore and photograph.
Check this out to travel to Egypt. (Moses travel). Please come and tour Egypt with me. Or tailor your trip on info@travel--egypt .com
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