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Dan Cobley
Fintech investor and venture builder. Former Google UK boss. Roots in physics and marketing. Devoted dad and husband.
Fintech investor and venture builder. Former Google UK boss. Roots in physics and marketing. Devoted dad and husband.

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Perhaps the most useful app launched for ages. ClearScore - your credit score and report, beautifully presented, for free.
- App store (
- Play store (

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My son Tom has hand drawn the design below, and will be printing and selling cards to raise money for a volunteering trip to Africa next year. 
He'd be delighted if you bought some. Details here.

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Real life Disney Land

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Great way to end a day of surfing. 

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'RocketShip' startup seeking FD

ClearScore has taken off. Launched in July this FinTech startup, where I am on the board, is now adding 10s of thousands of customers a week, and is ready to hire a rockstar FD. 

If you are one, or have a friend who is one, let me know.  A case of excellent wine for a successful suggestion.  : )   Thanks for your help.

Profile below (slightly losing its formatting in G+)

Clear Score

Financial Director Role Profile

ClearScore offers free credit reports and scores focusing on delivering an excellent product experience that empowers the consumer to make better financial decisions and understand their financial position better. ClearScore is based on excellence in technology, marketing and analytics all delivered through the lens of a product experience which is highly engaging, differentiated and positive.

ClearScore was founded by Justin Basini with backing from Brightbridge Ventures, Blenheim Chalcot and QED Investors. The team is now around 20 people and the business is growing fast. The launch has been highly successful and although early days the key hypotheses of the business model are being proved out successfully.

2016 and 2017 will be high growth years and the company is looking to recruit a highly talented, up and coming FD who can grow and enjoy a high growth, highly challenging few years.

Key Responsibilities

Strategic partner. Serve as a key member of the top management team in developing and implementing Clear Score’s business strategy. Act as a thought leader in providing analytical insight and perspective with respect to measures such as cash flow, business development and unit economics. Partner with the CEO to provide financial oversight, establish metrics and monitor performance.
Active financial management. Be hands on with finance and financial management. Be prepared to roll your sleeves up and process invoices and look after the pennies and well as the strategy. See the opportunity to get hands on work done as a real contribution to the business rather than a task that is beneath them. Ensure that they actively monitor the business and produce the MI and reporting that is needed to achieve this.
Planning and analysis. Oversee the development of capital allocation and strategic plans to ensure optimal utilization of financial resources. Help lead the development of future business strategies as well as pricing models for products and services; establish long term financial goals; and monitor and analyse ongoing performance against these objectives. Develop high-quality financial information and analysis to provide context and insight to decision-makers across the company.
Capital markets. Play a leading role in defining the company’s financial structure, equity fund raising and balance sheet management. Interface with investors and third party financial institutions; arrange and negotiate bank credit lines, loans and other debt financings. Continuously evaluate options to maximize company value as it grows.
Stewardship. Establish strong financial controls and, more importantly, serve as a moral compass within the company by instilling a culture that emphasizes dealing with issues in a transparent and honest way.
Executive Leadership. Provide strong leadership in the recruitment, training and development of top quality talent across the entire organization. Understand and support that the role is to ensure their peers members make sound decisions and use influencing skills to positively engage in teaching opportunities.

Ideal Experience

 Extensive experience in finance, ideally as a CFO or FD of a high growth consumer focused technology or FinTech entity. Experience outside these industries will be considered with the emphasis on experience working to scale a business. Familiarity with establishing financial operations working with businesses that operate in a hyper growth / start up mode. An accounting degree is a plus but not a requirement.
Experience working with Venture Capital funded entities ideally through to a liquidity event is preferred. Strong relationships within the banking and investing community and solid understanding of the needs of venture capital and other investors.
A flawless track record regarding ethics and compliance. The CFO will have significant experience working for a global organization known for its commitment to tight financial controls and systems, and its development of industry leaders.
A history of a strong advisory relationship with the CEO of a high velocity business, based on expertise, intellect and a direct, open and candid style. Beyond reporting accurate numbers, the CFO should be able to accurately tell a “story” of the business and apply a thoughtful analysis for the organization and its constituents.
Significant expertise in business development / contracting. A candidate with solid treasury, financing and banking experience is critical.
Extensive experience leading a corporate restructuring or an ongoing operational improvement and cost efficiency program. Change management experience is preferred.
History of setting and achieving the highest standards of performance for the team; someone truly recognized for attracting great talent, building a strong bench and developing a successor. Ideally, a person with a great appreciation for how critical creating a high performing team is to success.

Ideal Personal Profile

The successful candidate will be intellectually powerful, candid, direct and non-political, with a highly developed sense of ethics, energy, confidence, creativity and ambition. Other essential attributes include:

Untarnished reputation for personal and professional integrity and honesty.
Strong executive presence and credibility; an executive with management skills that allow for instant credibility with employees, customers and business partners.
A proven motivator of people; an executive with undeniable experience in rallying the troops; not afraid to roll up his/her sleeves.
Ability to think and act like a shareholder; proactively suggests change and improvements and is willing to execute on them.
Exceptional overall business and general management skills, both quantitative and qualitative.
A creative and innovative individual, with the ability to simplify, communicate and sell ideas across the organization.
A team-oriented, assertive personal style; highly developed interpersonal skills, adept as an influencer and negotiator.
An interest in technology and the rapid developments of the global economy.

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Tomorrow is the day that Marty and Doc went to in Back to the Future II - released 26 years ago.  So as of tomorrow - we are in the future! 

The BBC has a good article here (  on what they predicted right and wrong, but neither they, nor anyone else a quarter of a century ago, predicted how dramatically internet connectivity and mobile computing would change our world. 

You will hear many voices pointing out the negative connotations of this revolution (loss of privacy, no escape from work, incommunicative teenagers, etc.) but I for one see the advantages beating the drawbacks hands down. 

What will the next 26 years bring?

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Marketing folks always want to tinker with stuff, just to show they were there. The best answer is often to leave well alone.

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Anyone know a brilliant EA seeking a new challenge?

We are currently seeking a full-time executive assistant and office support manager for Brightbridge Ventures. The role involves providing executive support to Brightbridge CEO (me) and more limited support to the CEOs of portfolio businesses.

We are looking for someone who is proactive, professional and flexible. The successful candidate will be able to exercise good judgement, manage their own time effectively with minimal oversight, and be two steps ahead on a daily basis. This is a varied role which will ensure that no two days are alike. Someone who is willing to undertake a variety of challenges and has a ‘no job too small!’ attitude will succeed in this role.

For full role description and how to apply, see

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I am delighted to announce the launch today of SalaryFinance, a new consumer lending FinTech business offering low cost loans to company employees.  SalaryFinance is a new employee benefit with a mission to save UK workers £4bn per annum through lower interest repayments and is the latest company to be supported by Brightbridge Ventures. 

Research shows that 1 in 3 UK workers cite money worries as having a negative impact on their productivity at work. To address this, SalaryFinance works with progressive employers to help their staff reduce their personal finance interest costs. Our platform allows employees to take out loans when they need it, with repayments collected from salary deductions. This repayment method substantially reduces costs and risk with the savings passed on to employees. We focus on reducing the cost of existing borrowing, rather than encouraging more. 

Our interest rate of 7.9% APR is the same for all staff and is around one third the rate charged by the big four UK banks, for loans less than £5,000. Whilst the big banks advertise lower rates, they tend to be for higher value loans and not available to all consumers. On average, employees who use SalaryFinance, benefit from an equivalent 2-3% pay rise, through lower interest costs. There is minimal admin and no cost or liability for employers, making SalaryFinance a win-win product, for employers and their staff.

We are launched today at Employee Benefits Live (we'll be there Tuesday too) and are featured in today's Daily Telegraph print edition can be seen here (

If you want to offer this to your staff, let me know. :)

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My story of the charity ride I did last June was published today on the Brompton site. 
The first 3000 words of prose I have written since school. : )
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