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Wow this is entertaining. Not really.
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Im with you this place is dead........I need action in my life hope this place picks up....
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Don't stay here!!! Upon arrival (yes, we were almost 2 hours early), we were denied an early check in by the extremely unfriendly girl at the front desk. When asked if we were trying to check in, we told her yes, and she responded with "You didn't get the memo? check in is at 3:00, none of our rooms are clean) So, this joint has 4 cars in the parking lot, but all their rooms are still dirty from check outs that happened 3 hours earlier? We came back later that evening to check in, this girl was a lot friendlier but very under trained on how to perform her job. I was staying for one night only... was charged for 2 nights, TWICE!!! Luckily, I decided to check my checking account while I was in the lobby, and was able to get her to reverse the charges. Upon check out the next day we discovered how badly she had screwed up. My room was billed to another guests card, and that other guests room was billed to my card. They had to completely re-run my card for my one night stay. I had mentioned what happened when we tried to check in early, and the girl that cleans the room told me she had all the rooms clean prior to 1:00 PM and we could have checked in early. 5 days after check out, I get an email notification from my bank that I have NSF fees.... why? because they hit my card again for two more nights, 5 days after I checked out. This is the worst experience I have ever had with a hotel. I'm sure there are going to be "growing pains" as they switch to Lexington from fair field, but management needs to do their job and properly train their employees.
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