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Just started watching Breaking Bad. Is Netflix censoring it, or are the curse words replaced by silence on TV, as well?

Just restarted my computer (a MacBook) and find myself unable to save my own files due to "lack of permission". Thoughts, apart from troubling identity issues?

Rufus Sewell is playing Aurelio Zen? It's like a dream I didn't even know I had coming true.

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Pretty much everything about this is amazing.

Anyone with back issues got desk chair suggestions for me? I need something magical, specifically in the way, way lower back area. (As a guideline: Fancy, pretty Aeron chair leave me in agony.) Go!

Woke up this morning to a water main break and no water. Expect to spend all day being confidently told it'll be back on again in just a few minutes.

Just started watching Angel O Demonio, thanks to a kind soul on the interwebs who translated the subtitles. Think I'm glad only six episodes have been translated so far -- much more reasonable than suddenly obsessing over The Wire, for example.

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Privacy settings you might want to know about when using Google +.

Because I don't spend too much time screwing around online as it is.
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