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This is on top of Mer ( armv7l port. The device is a HP Touchpad, with an Adreno 220 GPU core. The program being shown is an Mer application running some simple GL rendering (cycling through r,g,b,  glClearColor, glClear, eglSwapBuffers) utilizing Android GPU userland drivers for Adreno 220. Did I mention that the Mer application is glibc-based? And this Mer runs on top of an Android kernel. No android->mer chroot involved or freedreno. Similar concepts could be applied to Android RIL modules.

More information and code to come..
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We should capture this for (future) history reasons ;)
This made my day. You rock.
All I see is the screen changing color, am I missing something?
This is screen changing color, through glClearColor, glClear, eglSwapBuffers, yes. A good 'hello world'. More is naturally possible.
Nice... that'd be useful on other Android devices, wouldn't it...? :)
Is the benefit to running directly on top of the kernel based on the simplicity of the application?  Or are there other reasons you're against freedreno?
The magic here isn't for or against anything. It's just using Android GPU drivers on non-Android systems.
Cool. I'm keeping an eye on Mer and Open WebOS for my Touchpad. Still rocking stock WebOS on it right now.
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