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LeanBack Player - HTML5 Video and Audio Media Player UI
LeanBack Player - HTML5 Video and Audio Media Player UI

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Hi there,

it was very quiet in the past, but we are still here and we will present our new beta version of our Leanback Media Player UI.

We have the following function:
- Source code for the selection of codec formats optimized to be able to support more codecs and thus more browser
- Optimized support for full-screen API in Chrome and Firefox
- Optimized support for iframes in general and we also added support for Fancybox (version 1 & 2)
- Added support for Opus Interactive Audio Codec
- Many other minor improvements and bugfixes ...

Visit to get the last beta for your development and let us know what you think about our site.

We are looking for native speakers as supporters for the internationalization process of the player. Please send an email to if you want to help us to translate the player. Thank you.

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Please 'like' us on Facebook.

Update to version for LeanBack Player released with following updates:

* fixed an issue with control bar calculation using iframes
+ added first HTML5 video and audio support for Opera Mobile 12 on Android devices

Yesterday also released first updates to version of LeanBack Player to improve the (CORS) IFrame usage, fix some minor issues and add the missing "stop" button CSS style for all the available LeanBack Player themes.

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Minutes ago released the first version 0.1.0 of the LeanBack Player - HTML5 LocalStorage Extension for desktop browsers.

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LeanBack Player as default HTML5 media Player in the "Turn Off the Lights" (Chrome) Welcome Guide.

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LeanBack Player v0.8.0.89 released in the past and right now working on the first update for v0.8 to support HTML5 video within cross-domain iframes with full-window mode.
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