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Sell Your eBook Directly with Ganxy

I talked about using Pressbooks as an easy Wordpress plugin for formatting and sharing your writing in the past:

Now, I want to talk about another publishing tool that I believe supplements Pressbooks very well.

Ganxy is a super easy way to set up a direct sales page on your website and Facebook page. You create a showcase with your title, description, and book cover. You then can upload multiple formats (PDF, mobi, epub) to that showcase. I tend to use Pressbooks' formatted outputs for this.

They have the option of listing other channels that you have your book available on. This allows for readers to be redirected to Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, etc. if they are looking for a more streamlined transaction with their device of choice. Selling directly, they keep 10% of the sale. A better offer than the big guys.

Ganxy also allows you to create bundles and vouchers to promote your books. While I haven't used this yet, it is obviously an invaluable tool for self-publishers looking to get their work into the hands of their readers.

Ganxy also has a great preview link when you hover over the cover, I tend to link directly to my book on its Pressbooks page. So now people can look through my book before buying. I complete the circle by linking back to the Ganxy page in the "Buy" section of my Pressbooks page.

This may not be for people who don't have that strong fanbase yet, but having it already set up can't hurt. Also, if you have poetry readings, audio books, or a podcast, Ganxy also works with SoundCloud though I don't have any experience with it yet.

I recommend taking a look especially if you're looking to save time and put some direct sales on your site.

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Great find. I know many authors are trying to figure out how to make their work available for sale directly from their website. Good to finally locate an easy to use option without up-front fees.
I've been using GumRoad for a while and love how easily it integrates with my Wordpress site. I wonder if this system is better. 
+Aaron Crocco I've never heard of GumRoad. I'll have to check it out. I do appreciate Wordpress integration. Ganxy is just an outside link, but it's a pretty easy set up. Thanks! 
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