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Special moments.... Scuba Diving in Bunaken National Park is amazing. We just watched and filmed Bigfin Squids Laying eggs in a dive site very close from Siladen Island!!

Enjoy this short movie.

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Although this dry season has been a bit wet the sunsets have been as beautiful as ever in Siladen:)

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Looking for a short break? Wish to explore the Bunaken Marine Park? Want to learn to dive? Looking for a special destination for a romantic getaway? Looking for a “last minute” offer? Don’t miss our Special Promotional Packages.

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#NorthSulawesi is a #wonderfuldestination in #Indonesia. Discover why on this amazing short video from Hashtag Travel Society and Seagypsea Photography !

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We like to help you celebrate special occasions, surprise your partner with a #romanticdinner in our #paradiseisland, Siladen​:)

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Amazing video from Hashtag Travel Society and SeaGypseaPhotography for #TripAdvisor and #ToursimIndonesia. Discover why North Sulawesi is such a special destination :)

Wonderful video by our dear guest Daniele Albertin, thank you for sharing.
Snorkeling is great in Bunaken National Park.
Dolphins, Turtles.... get the popcorns and enjoy the video :)

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When it comes to weird marine life, octopuses can probably take the title of the weirdest animals in the ocean. These amazing creatures have numerous methods for defending themselves, including expelling ink, the ability to rapidly change colors, shape and texture to become almost invisible among their surroundings, as well as being able to rapidly propel themselves through the water.

Have a look at this great video of a long arm octopus, filmed by our dear guest John Madsen in one of the local muck dive sites.

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At the end of February we welcomed Dive Planet, a diving club from Italy, as well as many other guests from all over the world, including Glenn & Susan, from the United States.
Almost all of our diving guests at that time were also keen photographers, and they were kind enough to share some of their underwater artwork with us. Take a look at this short video that compiles some of the pictures from their time with us at Siladen Resort & Spa.
Thank you again to Glenn, Susan, Camillo, Leonardo, Isabella, Stefano, Paolo & Ilaria for diving with us and sharing your pictures with us, and thank you to all of our other guests who continue to support us!

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Hawksbill and Green Turtles love the healthy reefs of Bunaken National Park.
Have a look at this short video, its impossible not to love turtles :)
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