A self-portrait every day by +hans belleman !

Hans belleman lives and works as an artist in Amsterdam. He makes a self-portrait every day on www.belleman.com. So from time to time on Google plus he shows you his own new work or the work of other artists. If you want, you can add him to your circles.

For some time now, I've been wanting to make this post. Today Hans posted another beautiful, fun self-portrait (last one in the album) and I asked him if he was OK with me making this post. And he was, so here it is :-)

I posted the title en some of the comments Hans wrote with his works. Don't forget to read them. They clarify a few things. And it's fun!
The works are placed in the album in reverse chronological order.
These are my pics, but there is a lot more, check out his profile: +hans belleman

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