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Antennas Direct

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Did you know that Broadcast Television is still sent over-the-air? All you have to do is attach one of our antennas to your HDTV and start receiving dozens of HD broadcast channels for FREE from NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX and others, along with the independent channels in your area. It's common to get 40 to 50 channels of broadcast television at NO cost. That's right. You may be paying your cable or satellite company for all these channels you can now get for free.
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love my MeTV & MyTV and more thanks you
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antennas reinvented

Antennas Direct was founded in 2003 to focus solely on designing and building smaller, more efficient and reliable OTA antennas for the digital age of
television.We are constantly discovering new ways to develop stronger antennas in smaller packages.

Company Overview

The Company was founded as a sole proprietorship in 2003 by Richard Schneider, a home theater enthusiast and hobbyist, who sought a reliable antenna with which to receive high definition television broadcasts over -the-air (OTA) for free. Having made a substantial monetary investment in his home entertainment system, Richard's extensive research and product testing revealed a lack of suitable antenna solutions available in the marketplace. In response, Richard set out to design and build his own OTA antenna by successfully modifying existing designs. After several months of trial and error he was successful. Word of his innovative solutions quickly spread via on-line technophile chat rooms and message boards, so much so that he was continually being asked to design similar antennas by other home theater enthusiasts, building them in his garage and them selling them often times at cost. This wave of burgeoning customer demand spurred him to leave his position as a customized software salesman and pursue the tremendous high definition antenna market opportunity he had identified.