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congratulations grads!!! 🎓
+Winston Koh +R. Lance Martin
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Saw this on Facebook today, had to share~! This is just too cute! make sure you see all the photos...

What the f-ck google! 

This afternoon, gmail and chat crashed. When it finally came back up, all my gchat contacts were gone from my gmail app!!!! Even though the contact list is still there in the google+ side bar... Refreshed page, restarted chrome, nothing. 


This is really starting to frustrate me... Any Googlers out there... I hope you fix this soon!

My Chrome sync keeps asking me to sign in over and over again, and each time I sign in, it will as for the application specific password, even though I've entered it before! I also asked last time for it to remember this computer. ARG! It goes away for a few days if I make a new app-specific pass, but then it will come back again. I don't wanna have to keep generating them!

I like the idea of 2-step validation, but this is ridonk!

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My new idols.... :D

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Men's Gymnastics takes Gold in Team events. YAY!!!

(Silver - Japan, Bronze - GB)

WTF... Why are the videos on NBC youtube showing videos from 2008?!! It was so confusing to see videos titled "USA Men's swimming breaks WR in 4x100m freestyle" and go in, only to find it's the video from 4 yrs ago.... 

Maybe you should put the YEAR in the title?

Man... Stick shift is hard!!! I think I stalled a number of times greater than I can count on my fingers... in a span of 1 hour. 

For Europe, I will not give up this time!!! GO ME!!!!!

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Day 4! Making good progress here with the updates :) Not having any real work to do is AWESOME for blogging catch-up. :D

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I added some sharing widgets to my blog!
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