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Food is Social: Your G+ Go-To Chef
Food is Social: Your G+ Go-To Chef

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Time to resurrect this page. Got culinary questions? Ask em here!

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This is going down today!

ON-AIR Hangout at 4 PM EST!

Check it out!
Hangout Alert! Zagat/ChefHangout Cooking Show: SXSW Edition

We’re excited to be joining forces with for our very first live cooking demo! Join us on Monday, March 12th, at 3pm CST, where we’ll be teaching you how to create four recipes that showcase some amazing Southwest cuisine!

Watch our live broadcast as +Haylee Otto makes pickled jalapeños and a tomatillo and avocado salsa while +Mary Helen Leonard cooks up tasty Southwest chicken tacos and a Southern favorite, Texas caviar. Sound good? We’ll have a couple of spaces open, so leave a comment if you’d like to participate. And here’s a list of ingredients and prep instructions if you’d like to make these dishes along with the chefs:

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Our pasta class is a go!

March 9th, 6 PM EST

Next Friday evening, grab some vino, and get ready to learn all about your favorite carb!

We will be talking about how to cook pasta correctly, how to season it, and making a batch of fresh pasta!
Also, an awesome quick fettuccine dish to satisfy your palate!

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Whats for dinner?

Fire grilled New York Strip Steak with grill roasted potatoes, peppers, and onions and Cambozola bleu cheese!

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Who has food questions?

+Ask Big Chef !!

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Get your Cooking on!
Chicken Marsala Class

Tomorrow at 5:30 PM EST, I will be doing a class on a dish that gets brutalized on a regular basis!

Feel free to sign up for the class, and get some basic techniques along with a great recipe!

And now, get 2 friends to sign up and the class is free for you!

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You can learn to cook anything!! Interactive, real time classes, from the comfort of home.

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Hi all!!

I am documenting the process of making #bacon from scratch. It is very simple and i think more people would do it if they knew how easy it was.

Please #reshare so all can get some Bacon Knowledge!

So i will hash tag it #makinbacon and you can watch the whole process!


Hi folks! Any food questions?

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Happy times!
Rainbow or Happy Roses

These roses are actually real and alive. They are called Rainbow or Happy Roses. They are not a particular variety of Rose, however. They begin as a regular white flower. They are then dyed from the inside-out. I understand that it easy to do yourself. You can use any white flower that continues to "drink" after it's been clipped. All you do is split the stem of the Rose in half for about six inches from the end. Then you split the half in half, leaving four strands of stem. You place each stem into a tall glass of water with the food color of your desire. After about 24-48 hours you have a rose fit for the stage of a Grateful Dead concert...
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