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The Bible Doesn’t Say That – “God Will Never Put More on Me than I Can Handle”
Gary has been a fixture in Lubbock, TX for many years. He has been the Headmaster of a local private school in the community for decades. So, those of you who work in the school system know, he has formed relationships with literally thousands of families o...

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The Bible Doesn’t Say That – “A Godly Home Guarantees Godly Kids”
The day finally arrived. About nine months ago, they learned they were to have their first child. And today was the day! She woke him up early that morning and said, “It’s time.” He already had the bags sitting by the door, they’d been there for two weeks. ...

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The Bible Doesn’t Say That – “God Wants Me to Be Happy”
Mike and Jill met each other in college. They began dating and fell in love. After three years of college, they were married. They were attending a Christian university, and one of the reasons their parents sent them to a Christian University was to find a ...

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While I Was Sleeping…In New York
Brothers and sisters, we have confidence that we
can enter the holy of holies by means of Jesus’ blood, through a new and living way that he
opened up for us through the curtain, which is his body,   and
we have a great high priest over God’s house. Therefo...

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While I was Sleeping…in South Carolina
of Israel, listen! You, the one who leads Joseph as if he were a sheep. You, who are enthroned upon the winged heavenly creatures. Show yourself   before Ephraim, Benjamin, and Manasseh! Wake up your power! Come to save us! Restore us, God! Make yo...

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A Clash of Kingdoms - “The Gospel: Jesus Is Son of God”
church makes me tired! All of those conversations about worship! “Can
you have praise teams and worship leaders?” “Can
we clap or raise our hands?” “Can
women participate on this stage?” “Can
worship be “organic” or “in-organic”—you'll get it in a...

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A Clash of Kingdoms - “Forgiveness in the Kingdom”
a children’s sermon one Sunday morning, the preacher held up an ugly-looking
summer shirt that he'd worn occasionally around the house. He explained to the
children that someone said the shirt was ugly and should be thrown away. “This
really hurt me,...

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A Clash of Kingdoms - “A Message On Your Tombstone”
What will they write on your tombstone? Well, can you think
of a more morbid way to being a sermon? But, this sermon really is not about
death rather it is about life. When they write on your tombstone, they will
describe you in some way. Likely, they will ...
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