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Julia Rymut
Embodiment and Wellness through Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation
Embodiment and Wellness through Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation


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Final hours to buy "A Pain Free Process for Writing your About Page" on sale.  Get your copy now.  Prices go up at midnight PST.  Just sayin... 

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A Pain Free Process for Writing Your 'About' Page
How to Boost Your Credibility and Ooze Personality

Do you hem and haw about writing your About page? Feel a little weird writing about yourself?

My bet is that you all click on About pages before you do business with someone, so you know they're important.

But I'd also bet that most of you find your own page a little, well, not-quite-right.

 +Henneke Duistermaat  and I have a guide to help you.

Discover the 4 essential ingredients of engaging About pages. Get inspired by myriad examples and make writing your About page a breeze.

Wait--there's more...

Receive 40% discount when you buy this guide today (for a limited period only) Get all details and read reviews here:

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How's your About Page?  Is it, ahem, on your to-do list to spiff up?  I feel your pain.

+Henneke Duistermaat and I are about to launch a guide to writing a sparkling About page.  Help us out by voting on the best title.

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This is an amazing poem.  Bravo!

The sum total of the habits of a man is his nature.  It is come about as a result of his giving himself over to the bent of his mind. - Bhagavad Gita

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What's your pick? Coffee or beer?  This morning I'm trying music.

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Exercise, meditating, preparing good food, journaling, visiting with friends, taking time in nature, eating slow meals, stretching....  With all the personal health rituals that are one is advised to do, how do you decide which ones?

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