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Keith Coleman
Dundonian who somehow survived Bristol and amazingly ended up in Cornwall
Dundonian who somehow survived Bristol and amazingly ended up in Cornwall
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The abbey on the border, where the punishment was harsh.

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Monastic Settlement in Strathmore - Coupar and Kettins
Coupar:  Angus
or Perthshire?  The Meaning of the Name Coupar Angus is not the sort of place which
looks like it has a split personality, being to all appearances like a
pleasant, douce town sitting in central Strathmore.  Now firmly ensconced in eastern Pe...

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'Fake Folklore' = False Tradition?
If I can borrow (and
alter) a trope from a famous half-Scottish current leader of the free
world:  is there any such thing as ‘Fake
Folklore’? Put it another way:  how can you classify a superstition/tradition
as genuine/real/legitimate?  And, are
‘made up’...

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Names of the Angus coast.

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Changing Shore - Coastal Names, Erosion and Wrecks
place-names of Angus are a complex mixture of Pictish, Gaelic, Scots and
English.  They can inspire indifference,
intrigue, frustration, even humour. In almost all of them, you can journey back
to a previous period, and quite far back if you’re lucky.  ...

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The romance of steam - no, the romance of the stage-coach!

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Before the Days of Steam - the Stage Coach! Plus the Amazing Captain Barclay
Before the days of steam there was the
stage coach.  But even at their height
there were too few vehicles probably to constitute any kind of golden age of
travel.  There was allegedly an attempt
in 1678 to link the cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh with  a re...

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