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Good morning and happy Saturday! ::holds up coffee cup:: I hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday, no matter how far into it you are already!
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Morning +Christy Ramsey, currently 1.20am Sunday here, and still awake. Less than two hours till kick off, and less than four hours till bedtime. Hopefully. :-)
Happy Saturday :-) I'm already in my after noon but I'm still holding on to coffee. 
11:35pm Saturday night here - have a great Saturday rest of the world!
It's so much fun to get updates from around the world! 
Just finished my morning coffee and I'm ready to get dressed and seize the day. Oh look, it's a quarter to three in the afternoon. Saturday++.
i'm just finishing editing the day's photos - no more coffee for me - good nite xxx!
I am eating crêpes made and served by a scantily dressed man, and drinking Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee with a little Irish in it.

Seriously, this is pretty standard for the weekend.

I love my life.
lol - bed time for me, pancakes with maple syrup, bacon and banana accompanied by an ethiopian yirgachef coffee in the morning... hope my lovely partner - who has a little Irish in her ;) - is also scantily clad... ciao from Canberra!
::raises Juice Press Dr. Green Juice to toast Cramsey and wish everyone a happy Saturday!::
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